King's Guard shouts at woman for touching his horse but she does it again

Tourists travel from across the globe to get pictures next to one of London’s most famous sights – the mounted soldier on Horse Guards Parade.

But some people still don’t realise they are not just a prop for the holiday album, and would actually prefer to stand guard unbothered.

The well-trained horses can tolerate people standing beside them for photos, but things change when they try touching them or tugging on their reins.

This will not be tolerated by the soldier, which one recent visitor to the capital found out the hard way.

Smiling for a picture, she was filmed reaching out to grab the reins, and was swiftly yelled at by the guard, who tells her: ‘Get off the reins!’

She jumps back for a second, before deciding to try her luck another time without the guard noticing.

But he does, and this time shouts at her louder and more directly: ‘Get off!’

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There are typically two mounted sentries who guard the entrance to Horse Guards on a daily basis, swapping every hour between 10am and 4pm.

They are a popular draw in themselves, but the event most people come to watch is the Changing of the King’s Life Guard, which takes place at 11am on weekdays.

The King’s Life Guard exclusively serve at the Horse Guards building in Whitehall, which was once the main entrance to both St James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace.

This tourist was certainly not the first to be caught out by the royal guardsmen, with no shortage of videos of visitors getting spooked by a shout of: ‘Make way for the Queen’s Guard!’

In December 2021, a young child was trodden on by a member of the Coldstream Guards who was on duty at the Tower of London.

A spokesperson from the Tower called it ‘an unfortunate accident’, and said the soldier checked on the child’s family and was assured all was well.

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