Labrador finds ultimate doggy paradise as vacant bedroom transformed

Ollie the Labrador, from Berkshire, got the room after one of his family members moved out. Shortly after seeing his sister pack her suitcase in the car, the dog runs off into the pink and white bedroom where a video says: “Let’s give Ollie his own bedroom!”

The transformation begins with the hound removing a pillow from a chair and replacing it with a grey cushion with his name written in gold saying: “Reserved for Ollie.”

A string holding up several birthday cards are then switched out with bunting decorated with the cute dog’s face wearing different coloured party hats.

The Labrador then drags out the laundry basket saying he does not need one and switches it out with a toy basket stuffed with cuddly stuffed animals.

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A chest of drawers can also be seen decked out with Ollie’s numerous collars, leads and colourful bandannas and the wall art changed to a picture of the TikTok star.

Dog lovers then see Ollie laying on the bed smiling alongside a small toy dog with a final caption that reads: “I love my new room.”

Thousand’s of Ollie’s fans left their reaction to the dog’s new bedroom, with one comment jokingly saying: “Tell me your dog is really spoiled without telling me your dog is really spoiled.”

Another TikTok user said: “That dog has a better room than me.”

One person commented: “I’ve always wanted to do this with my dog.”


every dog deserves their own room ##goodboy ##dogsoftiktok ##labrador

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