Landlord hits back at reviewer complaining about staff having a break

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The owner of the Travellers Rest in Stanely was forced to defend staff after a pubgoer complained about staff taking a break. Despite having a four-star rating, one displeased guest posted a scathing review on TripAdvisor about seeing staff sitting at the bar on their break, complaining that beer mats were on the floor.

The pub is rated the number 14 restaurant in the Stoke-on-Trent area on the review site. But this particular visitor was not happy, protesting over the service and the food. 

After opening with the title “the King is dead, long live the King”, the guest continued to brand the food “bland and of poor quality”.

The complaint said: “We have used the place for many years and, nothing but praise for the general management and high standards.

“We arrived and were amazed that only one other table was taken for food; the normal ‘after work drinkers’ were noticeably absent. I was somewhat surprised to find the cooks and pan wash, socialising ‘front of house’ behind the bar, on several occasions.

“Beer mats on the floor, assume from lunchtime; the menu covered in dried drink stains. When the food appeared, which we have tasted many times, it was bland and of poor quality.

“What a shame to witness such a pub/restaurant to fall into such decline. Come on and, start managing it back to its almost faultless standards. You can’t delegate ‘responsibility.’”

But landlord, Steve B, hit back at the complaint, calling the guest out for not complaining during his visit. 

Regarding the accusation of staff having a break the landlord said: “We are now checking the CCTV as to which members of staff were behind the bar during your visit as we know the table that you used on your visit. Staff are entitled to have a soft during their shift.”

He continued: “As you will be very aware it does get very hot occasionally, especially around the OVENS!

Referring to the complaints over the food, the response added: “Regarding the bland food our records show that you said there were no issues. There is absolutely no point in complaining about the quality on Trip Advisor as it is too late to remedy any problems.

“It also saddens me that a regular customer which you have stated you are should post a review on here when you could have spoken to myself the King about it.”

Over the issue of the beer mats being on the floor the landlord hit back: “Our apologies for the beer mats on the floor. However, these may have been knocked off by a customer and how you have managed to deduce that they had been lying there since lunchtime is amazing.”

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“Now, regarding the time that I spend in Wales this has absolutely nothing at all to do with yourself or anyone else.

“We served sixty-two meals that evening with no problems. Looking at your other reviews I notice that you seem to enjoy complaining. Next time you visit an establishment and by your comments it looks like it won’t be ours, please, if you enjoy your meal try giving them a good review.

“Back to the heading, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Therefore, I’m sure that you have enjoyed mine.”

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