Landlord suggests tenants ‘tip’ 25 percent extra on top of rent

TikToker makes case for landlords to be due tips from tenants

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A debate has erupted after a landlord suggested in an online clip they should be tipped in a similar way to restaurant staff when being paid rent after offering “24-hour support” for tenants. The video was originally shared on TikTok but has since been shared on several social media sites as a row began over the topic.

The footage starts with the landlord showing the tenant a tip screen – similar to those used in restaurants when paying by card.

The tenant then says, “I’m not tipping my landlord”, to which the landlord replies: “So, you will tip a barista who pours overpriced coffee into a cup but not the guy who’s on call 24/7 to make sure you have a safe home?”

The landlord continues: “You’ll tip an extra 25 percent for someone to carry you a basket of chicken wings but you won’t tip someone who responds to after-hour emergency calls?

“I guess when it’s time for your lease renewal, I’m going to make sure gratuities are included in your rent.”

The clip was posted by “Two Guys Take On Real Estate” who offer landlords and tenants tips about renting.

And while they confirmed the video was in fact a parody, it sparked a row in the comment section as some landlords suggested they agreed with the content of the video.

One user wrote: “My husband and I own a two-bed flat. No tipping even though my husband will go to the apartment at a moment’s notice to fix something.”

Another even suggested tips should be included in the tenancy agreement, writing: “Tips should have been included in the original lease negotiation as part of rent and the potential tenant could have walked away from it if they didn’t agree to it.”

But the vast majority disagreed – including the creators of the video. Speaking to, Matt and Kevin, who are both landlords, said: “We’ve never actually thought of getting a tip, since that would be such an extreme example of tipping culture.

“Honestly, the best tip our customers could give is to pay close to on time and not trash the place! However, we’ve had tenants give us christmas cards, cookies and even hot chocolate when we’re working at a property in the freezing cold.

“We’ve definitely had some awesome tenants.

“Obviously there are some folks out there that really hate their landlord. We’re hoping they’ll send them our way to learn how to run their business properly. Who knows, maybe their landlord will even develop a sense of humour at the same time too.”

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The video sparked a lot of anger among tenants who felt the video was “insulting”. One user wrote: “No one argues against the existence of landlords quite like landlords lol. Abolish their profession – free social housing for all.”

Another said: “Landlords are required by law to provide safe, livable homes for their tenants. Why would someone tip for that? They’re already getting $1500/month + pet rent + utilities, and get to make money from the deposits they required to move-in.”

A third wrote: “I hope this isn’t a serious movement. Wait staff is underpaid for the market value of the service they provide with the understanding that tips *should* make up the difference.

“A landlord’s market value is literally factored in before you sign. Paying rent is his tip.”

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