LG launches a wireless TV you can control with your voice


If you’re tired of untangling the mess of wires that comes with your TV connections, LG has launched a nearly wireless TV at CES 2023.

Unlike conventional TVs, where all input ports for connecting external devices are located on the rear or sides, LG’s 97-inch Signature OLED M3, comes with a separate Zero Connect box that sends video and audio signals wirelessly to the screen.

The Zero Connect box can be placed away from the TV, allowing users to create a cleaner, distraction-free viewing environment with the freedom to arrange their space.

It is also voice recognition-enabled, meaning users can turn on and manage the M3 and connected devices using simple, spoken commands.

The box comes with multiple ports for plugging in commonly-used HDMI devices, such as cable or satellite set-top boxes and gaming consoles, and can also connect wirelessly with compatible soundbars.

To ensure the seamless transfer of data from the box to the TV, the company developed an algorithm that instantly identifies the optimal transmission path.

The algorithm also helps to minimize transmission errors or disruptions as it can recognize changes in the immediate environment – such as people or pets moving around the room – and switch paths accordingly.

Additionally, for maximum signal strength, the box’s antenna can be easily rotated or tilted to align with the TV’s location. The fact that the M3 has no wires makes installation a cakewalk.

The device is the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology and comes with the Real Time Video and Audio Wireless Transmission up to 4K 120Hz.

LG’s new wireless TV was awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Award in two categories for its technology and design.

LG is yet to confirm the TV’s price or availability, but is likely to be more than its 97-inch G2 which costs £24,999.

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