Lib Dem Brexit chief’s ‘doom-mongering’ backfires as Brexit Party MEP savages Remainer

The Brexit spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said the content of Operation Yellowhammer is “shocking” and confirmed their suspicions about the Government’s Brexit planning but his comments have been mocked by Martin Daubney MEP. The Brexit Party MEP hit out at the “Project Fear doom-monger” on Twitter saying Opposition politicians “spent the past three years not believe a single word the Tories say on Brexit”. He went on to suggest the leak was tactical as the worst-case scenario sparks fear in Remainer MPs while Mr Johnson works on the backstop issue.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Brake said: “The content is shocking. It’s confirmed what we already knew that the Government was admitting that food, fuel and medicine was a real risk in a no deal scenario.

“I think it was important to get the actual document published although I suspect there are many other documents that should be published soon because it means when people hear Government ministers going around the TV studios saying everything is under control and there will be no problems under a no deal scenario.

“We now know officially that is not true.

“They call it the worst-case scenario but of course the original document as I understand it, Michael Gove confirmed this in front of the select committee, is it’s a base case scenario.

“In other words given the details and information they had it’s perhaps the most likely outcome and not the worst-case scenario which is what suddenly the document has been renamed as.

“It’s possible they’ve done some additional work since August 2 but given the scale of the problems identified in the document, I do doubt whether they’ve made much progress at all.”

Social media users responded to Mr Daubney asking for the Government to release a “best-case scenario” too.

Another person said: “Remainers’ problem is that Operation Yellowhammer isn’t as bad as they hoped and it is months out of date.”

Following on from the scathing response, Amber Rudd has said the sensitive documents show Mr Johnson is making “serious” and “extensive” plans.

The former Home Secretary explained the information within the sensitive documents is exactly what she heard when in daily Cabinet meetings chaired by Michael Gove on Brexit contingency plans.

Ms Rudd said while an updated version of the documents will be released in the next few days, the Government have taken into consideration delays around Kent as well as ensuring the British public have access to medicines.

Her comments come as the leader of Kent’s County Council said there are “good strategies in place” and it’s now much better than when Mrs May was in power.


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Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Ms Rudd said: “I attended some of the EU meetings which Michael Gove is chairing which are taking place everyday.

“I attended probably four or five in total on elements that were relevant to my particular brief and what I’ve heard about the released documents last night is exactly the sort of thing I heard in those meetings.

“I have heard subsequently the government will be releasing an updated version in the next few days.

“There have been extensive preparations put in place. A lot of planning has been going on particularly around Kent and security where police might be need to be moved to.

“Changes with freight and particularly medicine. I know the department of health has been making extensive preparations to ensure we can get all our medicine.

“Those are very serious preparations taking place.”

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