Lilibet christening ‘mystery’ over Harry and Meghan’s timing of event

Archie and Lilibet ‘will have’ royal titles says Fitzwilliams

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Royal commentator Daniela Elser described the timing of the christening of Lilibet as “interesting”. While Prince Archie Harrison was baptised in Windsor two months after his birth, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex waited several months after the arrival of their daughter before celebrating this sacrament with her. As it was announced on March 8, Princess Lilibet was christened in Montecito, Santa Barbara, on March 3 during an intimate ceremony attended by some 20-30 guests. The reason behind this discrepancy has been described as a “bit of a mystery” by the commentator. While this delay may be due to an array of issues including the coronavirus pandemic, the desire to have guests travelling from different locations or simply a personal choice made by the Sussexes, Ms Elser wrote in an op-ed for the NZ Herald: “Just might the Sussexes have been trying to engineer some sort of checkmate here?

“The timing of Lilibet’s christening is particularly interesting. While son Archie was dunked at about two months old, why the duke and duchess might have waited until their daughter is just several months shy of her second birthday is a bit of a mystery.” Ms Elser went on to speak about some of the blows being dealt to Meghan and Harry in recent weeks. She said: “Things have not exactly been tip-top in Camp Montecito of late, with both South Park and comedian Chris Rock skewering the royal couple ever-so-publicly and ever-so-painfully. Then came the humiliating revelation they were being booted out of their home on the royal estate, Frogmore Cottage, a move that the King decided to take while the ink was still drying on the first copies of Harry’s memoir Spare.”


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