Live ‘Meghan’ Instagram page is ‘planted’ with 100k followers already

Meghan Markle ‘returns’ to social media

A live Instagram page, under the handle of @Meghan, has been launched on the social media platform – with suspicions that this could have been “planted” to “test the water” regarding Meghan Markle’s popularity.

The page, which currently has no uploads, has also raked in over 100,000 followers.Despite no confirmation that it is the Duchess of Sussex, the brand-new page is proving popular.

Speaking of Meghan’s possible social media return, Hollywood expert Ross King said: “She talked about it a while ago saying that she would go back to Instagram at some point, and why not.

“The simple fact of the matter is, interesting to hear Russell there talk about the PR spin of everything, Meghan and Harry still need to be relevant, and of course, one great way for that is through social media.”

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Speaking to host Ranvir Singh on Monday’s Lorraine, Mr King said: “The word is that her handle was going to be ‘Meghan’ and it’s already ranked up over 100,000 followers.

“So, of course, someone has planted this, I would imagine it’s from Meghan’s side of things”, adding that it could be “just to test the water”.

He added: “That’s what I think this is, is to see how popular, or not popular, she is.

“It’s already got 100,000 followers on there. It could be her, it might not, but it’s definitely been planted there to see what people think.”

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Speaking on the Duchess’s likely return to social media, Penelope Banton, Embryo’s Digital PR Lead, recently said that, from a PR point-of-view, it could be a good idea.

She told “It’s likely The Duchess will have been advised to reestablish herself on social media to boost the promotion of her latest endeavour – something I would very much endorse to increase organic PR.”

This comes following news that both Meghan and Harry are planning to unveil a Netflix production of ‘Meet Me By The Lake’ – a novel by Canadian author, Carley Fortune.

Ms Banton believes a social media return for Meghan could “boost promotion” for this project in particular.

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Ms Banton added: “It does however beg the question if Meghan has made a social comeback ahead of the release of ‘Meet Me at the Lake’.”

Meghan was very active on social media before joining the Royal Family, even writing her own lifestyle blog ‘The Tig’ that proved a big hit back in the day.

She was forced to shut down her blog upon her engagement to Harry, and then seemingly stepped back from all personal socials – including Instagram – which met with royal rules.

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