Lockdown POLL: Should UK introduce £500 fines for disgusting coronavirus habit? VOTE

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Signed by the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, anyone who disposes of any personal protective equipment such as gloves or face masks will be fined €500. Despite the dire need for the equipment for frontline staff, the mayor confirmed officials in the city were registering several cases of masks and gloves littered around the capital. With that in mind, Express.co.uk is asking, ‘Should UK introduce £500 fines for the disgusting coronavirus habit?’

After Italy progressed to phase two of their lockdown exit strategy, pavements and parks have become filled with the essential equipment.

Commenting on the act, Ms Raggi said: “In these months of coronavirus health emergency our operators have repeatedly indicated they are collecting many used gloves and masks thrown by uncivilised people.

“A shameful behaviour that, thanks to this measure, will be severely sanctioned.”

Under Italy’s second phase, members of the public are permitted to travel within regions to visit relatives but they must wear facial masks.

On May 18, bars, restaurants and hairdressers were reopened although they are required to limit the number of customers.

With the infection rate dropping sharply over the last few days, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte revealed travel to and from Italy will be allowed from June 3.

Travellers will also be able to enter the country from other EU countries without entering a 14-day quarantine period. 

Both Spain and Greece have also indicated tourists will soon be able to travel to popular destinations.

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Foreign tourists will be able to travel to the countries from July 1 without needing a two-week quarantine.

From June 8, however, anyone entering the UK will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

If arrivals violate the two-week period, officials could issue huge £1,000 fines.

There have been calls to implement ‘air bridges’ in order to allow the tourism industry to restart again this summer.

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The proposal would allow residents from countries with low infection rates to enter the UK.

Commenting on the proposal, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps said: “It is the case we should consider further improvements – for example, things like air bridges enabling people from other countries who have themselves achieved lower levels of coronavirus infection to come to the country.

“So, those are active discussions that go beyond what will initially be a blanket situation.”

The Government’s next phased approach which will take place no earlier than July 4.

As long as the Government’s five tests have been satisfied, the ambition is to open any remaining businesses and premises which remained closed under phase two.

Pubs, food service providers and cinemas would fall under this category.
In order to progress, the UK would need to maintain a high testing capacity and adequate tracing programme.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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