London to become first car-free city in the world after Khan’s ULEZ crackdown

Britons fear that London could become the world’s first car-free city after Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ crackdown.

According to a recent survey by bike subscription service Swapfiets, Britons think London will beat the likes of China, Europe, and Saudi Arabia to become the first city without cars passing through it.

Around 2,000 people were asked about the future of transportation and the results found people thought London could be car-less as soon as 2050.

The survey comes just weeks after London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) was expanded to include all roads within the M25.

This Friday (September 22) marks World Car Free Day when towns and cities free up their roads to pedestrians.

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While the majority of Britons thought that London would be car-free by 2050, they were divided over what they thought would become the dominant form of transport.

Over half (55 percent) of respondents said that bicycles and electric bikes would replace cars.

Meanwhile, 23 percent thought scooters would become dominant while 12 percent thought segways could make a comeback.

When asked how they thought a car-free city would look and how it would impact their quality of life, Britons were positive about how it could change London.

Around 41 percent thought there would be more green spaces and trees while 40 percent said there would be more pedestrian and cycling zones.

But 24 percent said they believe there would be more space for street dining and they also added they expect to see more landmarks and sporting facilities as a result.

Alongside the survey, Swapfiets has teamed up with futurist Dan Sodergren and AI artists to imagine how London could look if it went car-free.

Speaking about the possibility, Mr Sodergren said: “Like many, I dream of a future less dependent on automobiles.”

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Mr Sodergren added: “This societal shift promises not only to better our environment but also to redefine our urban spaces—think walkable pedestrian zones, extensive cycling paths, and an influx of green spaces to aid in the battle against climate change.

“While the road to this idyllic future might be challenging, the rewards promise to be bountiful.

“Armed with technology, we must resiliently undertake this transformative journey starting as soon as possible.

“We needn’t aim for a world entirely without cars, but one significantly leaner on them, and we owe it to the next generations to make this happen. This crucial journey must begin now—before it’s irreversibly too late.”

The survey results mark a shift in attitudes by Britons to how they think London will look in the future.

While the car has dominated the city’s streets, as the number of restrictions on driving in the capital grows, people are beginning to imagine a greener London.

World Car Free Day is part of that, encouraging drivers to try alternative forms of transport to cars.

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