‘Lot of money invested’ Harry in ‘difficult position’ over memoir

Prince Harry: Memoir 'has a lot of money invested in it' says Jobson

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According to royal expert Robert Jobson, Prince Harry will currently be in a “difficult position” over whether to release his upcoming memoir, particularly following the death of his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. However, speaking on Australia’s Sunrise, Mr Jobson admitted not releasing it wouldn’t be easy as a “lot of money” has been invested into the project.

Speaking about rumours that Harry isn’t planning on releasing the book, Mr Jobson said: “Well, if they are true, it’s going to cost someone an awful lot of money.

“There’s been a lot of money invested in the project.’

He also added that contracts would have been signed ” months, if not, years ago” and involves “millions and millions of dollars”.

Mr Jobson claimed that Harry could “alter some of the things that are written” but “I can’t see him wriggling out of a complete deal unless it’s going to cost him a lot of money”.

He added: “If it does come out, he’s going to [have to] take ownership of it.

“It’s going to cost him a lot on reputation.

“He’s really in a difficult position.”

Despite being set for release this year, the book failed to make the publisher’s list of upcoming releases earlier this year.

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In July, one year after it’s announcement, the upcoming tell-all memoir failed to appear on Penguin Random House’s upcoming list.

The failure to appear led to suggestions that it may be delayed.

In July 2021, Penguin Random House said it was “honoured” to have been chosen as publisher for the Duke of Sussex’s book.


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On the official announcement, the publisher described Harry as “one of the most fascinating and influential global figures of our time”.

The book promised to share “his lifetime in the public eye”, ranging from his childhood to the present day as a husband and father-of-two.

The 38-year-old stated that he was “deeply grateful” to have the opportunity to share his experiences through a written memoir.


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