M25 speed trap: Motorists hit by 14 MILLION tickets in 2 years after new cameras installed

Jeremy Vine overtaken by speeding car whilst riding his bike

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According to the report, a total of 142,979 speeding motorists were sent letters in 2019 and 2021. The data has been collected from four police forces in Kent, Essex, Surrey, and Hertfordshire, who control cameras on London’s orbital motorway.

The worst sections for speeding were the anti-clockwise approach to the Dartford Tunnel and the clockwise approach to the QE2 bridge.

Almost 50,000 drivers were caught in the approach to the tunnel, accounting for a third of the total number.

The figures rose in 2020 when lockdown made roads less congested.

Hugh Bladon, of the ­Alliance of British Drivers, said: “The speed limit should clearly be higher and 80mph would be much more sensible.”

Offenders were given the choice of a speed awareness course which typically cost £100 or having points added to your licence together with a £100 fine.

A small number had to appear in court after they were caught speeding as much as 40 or 50mph over the limit on some stretches or because they were repeat offenders.

In 1992, Gatso cameras were painted grey, but a change in the law meant that they had to be painted bright yellow.

The rear-facing Gatso is the most common camera on the road, but it’s accompanied by the Truvelo, which uses a forward-facing camera to catch speeding motorists.

Unlike the Gatso, it photographs the driver at the wheel, meaning there’s no disputing who was at the wheel at the time of the offence.

Meanwhile, new driving laws are set to come into effect for motorists in the UK meaning thousands more could be fined.

Four changes are still due to take place, including changes to taxes.

Costs for drivers are already high due to the fuel and energy crisis although Chancellor Rishi Sunak cut fuel duty by 5p in his Spring Statement.

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The main change is the amendment to the rules involving the use of a mobile phone.

The changes mean that a driver cannot hold their phone unless in very specific circumstances. They can use it for calls and satnav providing use is hands-free.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Too many deaths and injuries occur while mobile phones are being held.”

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