M6 accident: Air ambulance en route after serious crash on busy stretch

M6 traffic: Drivers get out of vehicles following accident

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The affected area of the M6 is located in Staffordshire.

Images from Highways England show gridlocked traffic building up, adding to delay times.

Both lorries and cars can be seen coming to a halt along the busy stretch.

A spokeswoman from National Highways said just before 11pm that the collision recovery was still underway.

She added that a police investigation into the accident had not yet been completed, adding to delay times.

National Highways announced at 11pm that Lane 4 on the M6 northbound between J14 (Stafford) and J15 (Stoke / Newcastle-under-Lyme) was reopened past the scene for traffic caught within the closure only.

They added: “Please stay in your vehicle and you should be moving past the scene shortly.

“The carriageway will remain closed once the traffic has been released.”

Earlier today a lorry fire stopped traffic on the M6 southbound between J15 and J14 too.

The authorities later reopened two lanes out of four whilst recovery and clear-up works were ongoing at the scene.

As of 11pm, National Highways confirmed there was now no significant congestion on approach in this area.

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Additional reporting from Michael Curzon.

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