Man banned from bar for 'being creepy' says it's just because he looks a bit str

A man has hit out at a popular pub in Hull after claiming he was banned from the establishment for being ‘looking strange’ and ‘standing too close to women’.

Nicolai Schwartz, 50, claims he was banned from The Polar Bear pub on Tuesday but maintains he did nothing to deserve being thrown out.

Instead he says he was banned due to complaints from female patrons based on the fact he seems ‘strange’ with his long hair and beard.

Mr Schwartz said: ‘I got banned from my favourite pub because, allegedly, some female customers have complained that I was creepy and stood too close to them on the dance floor.

‘I may look strange with my long hair and beard, and people sometimes do say that I look scary, but I’d never do anything inappropriate to upset someone, so being kicked out with no warning is so shocking.

‘I wasn’t even given the chance to explain myself or apologise when the event allegedly happened – I just got told by bouncers the next time I walked in [to Polar Bear] that I couldn’t go there anymore.’

Mr Schwartz said he was perfectly well-behaved when he was in the bar and was not rude.

He said: ‘I know that I did not do any touching, twerking, talking, or making sexual advances, jokes.

‘There was no breaking of glassware on my part, no puking, no pissing or drawing on the wall. No.

‘Simply by being there, in their proximity and doing nothing, I was “creepy” and for that I got banned from Polar Bear completely out of the blue.’

The 50-year-old added that the bar’s attitude towards him has soured since he stopped offering free photography work for their events.

He said: ‘I used to be treated as a VIP there while I was offering them professional photography work for free, but then I stopped doing that and I was instantly demoted to “tolerated”.

‘But in the long run, middle aged foreign male creeps who do nothing can’t be tolerated forever, can they?

‘It’s really upsetting.’

Since his ban from the venue this week, many people including bar customers have posted on social media in support of Mr Schwartz.

Hull-based saxophone player Kat Sax wrote: ‘I’m a performer and he never got to close to me once I always found him to be a nice guy and I don’t just trust anyone being a performer, if anything he always looked out for my safety.’

Janie Dent said: ‘Ridiculous. Being banned for something so stupid. I’ve been in the Polar Bear and it’s so busy you are close to people.

‘I think a sincere apology to this gentleman is needed and a free pint too.’

Codie Cooper added: ‘Nicolai is harmless, maybe don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’

The Polar Bear has been contacted for comment.

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