Man denied giving blood after refusing to answer if he was pregnant

A male GP was turned away from donating blood to the Scottish NHS after he refused to confirm whether or not he was pregnant. Steffen McAndrew, 41, said he had been turned away from a blood donation centre in Ayr, Scotland, after refusing to answer a “bonkers” question about if he was carrying a baby. He says he was told by a nurse he could not donate blood unless he confirmed he was not pregnant. 

Dr McAndrew said: “I can’t believe they would refuse a donation from a man based on the fact I refused to say if I was pregnant.

“I just wish basic common sense could be applied in these situations. A man can’t be pregnant. I have a nagging feeling that it is political correctness gone too far.”

The question on the form was marked as mandatory, so anyone who did not answer it, would not be allowed to donate blood.

Dr McAndrew, who regularly gave blood pre-pandemic, works at a surgery in Prestwick. He says he refused to “placate the gender brigade” and did not want to answer the question.

In his Twitter post on Tuesday evening, Dr McAndrew described the experience, writing: “I was refused the opportunity to donate blood this evening as I declined to answer the question “are you pregnant?”

“The nurse in charge asked me again if I would answer. I said no. I am a man, therefore I cannot be pregnant. I wish this was a joke”

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) says the question was introduced a year ago for “donor safety” with all sexes expected to confirm if they are pregnant or had been within the last six months.

It added: “We appreciate that for many donors (including some female donors such as post-menopausal donors) this question will not be relevant.”

The SNBTS says this upcoming summer, the wording of the question is likely to be updated, following donor feedback, and will include the phrase: “If not applicable, please tick no”.

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