Man finds wine and ‘white powder’ in room after checking into hotel

Man finds 'uncleaned' hotel room as he checks in

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A man who had checked into a four-star hotel was surprised to find urine in the toilet, an open wine bottle, and a “white substance” in the room.

Nick Botha and his wife were returning to their home in Woking, Surrey, after a few days in Scotland.

They chose to break the trip into two halves and booked a room at the Mercure in Haydock, Merseyside, on Christmas Day.

The couple paid £74 for the room for the night.

However, when Nick opened the door, he found the room had not been cleaned, reports The Liverpool Echo.

Nick always films a “walk through” of his hotel room for his YouTube channel whenever he stays in one.

He recorded a video of his room but was taken by surprise by what he saw.

There appeared to be urine in the toilet, an unfinished bottle on a bedside table, and what looked like white powder on the desk.

Towels and paper were discarded across the room, while there were free shot vouchers on the bedside table.

Nick said: “It was Christmas Day. Me and my wife had gone up to Scotland for a few days, but we stopped off in Haydock on the way home. We checked in with our two little dogs.

“As I always do, I take a video of the room we stay in. To my surprise as I opened the door, I saw pee in the toilet, I thought ‘this isn’t right’.

“The towels were used and I was surprised. I thought that a four-star hotel would be a lot cleaner.

“I went into the bedroom area, I saw there was alcohol in one corner and I realised this room was not clean.

“When I turned around, there was this white substance all along the table and a tube next to it.

“I picked up the tube thing and white powder fell out. You could put two and two together.”

Nick raised the issue with reception staff, who apologised and said their log showed the room had been cleaned. Staff then moved Nick and his wife into a different room.

He added: “We paid £74 for that room. We thought it was pretty well-priced. It was a four-star hotel and visually – from the front when we arrived – it looked very nice. From the bar area, it was quite a nice setting.

“We didn’t expect to find a dirty room with a bottle of drunk alcohol and what appeared to be a powder of some sort that was used on the table.”

However, once Nick and his wife were moved to a new room, they had dinner, slept and left in the morning to continue their journey down south.

A spokesperson for the hotel told the Echo they are aware of the incident.

They said Nick and his wife were checked into the room in error and were moved to a new room as soon as staff became aware of the issue, after which the couple had a comfortable stay.

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