Man guilty of attempted murder after ploughing car into nightclub

A disgruntled clubber who drove his car on to a packed dance floor after being chucked out by bouncers has been convicted of attempted murder.

Mohammed Abdul (21) felt “humiliated” after being ejected from Blake’s nightclub in Gravesend, Kent, England, in March last year, and returned with his car.

Abdul, of Deptford in south-east London, said he intended to “make a nuisance of himself to get his own back on the door staff”.

He was convicted of two counts of attempted murder following his re-trial at Maidstone Crown Court and is due to be sentenced today.

CCTV footage showed Abdul driving his car past bouncers, down an alleyway packed with clubbers before ploughing into the venue.

One man could be seen being swept off his feet as the car rammed into him.

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