Man who committed 'an avalanche of crime' refused bail to attend daughter's Christening

A judge has told an Ennis man he will not be letting him out of jail for 10 hours to attend his daughter’s Christening after telling him he had committed “an avalanche of crime”.

At Ennis Circuit Court, Judge Gerald Keys said if he allowed Declan Sherlock (23) out of jail on compassionate bail release, it would “make a mockery of the bail laws” because of his record of offending while on bail in the past.

Sherlock, formerly of Dromard, Lahinch Road, Ennis, Co Clare, had carried out 12 offences while out on bail and Judge Keys said one of those offences “was within 24 hours of securing bail”.

He has been on remand in jail since December 22 last and was seeking compassionate release to attend his daughter’s Christening in Ennis on November 29.

Judge Keys told him: “I don’t see why extra manpower at the expense of the Garda and the taxpayer should now be introduced to monitor you for the 10 hours in relation to you attending your daughter’s Christening.

“You should have thought of all of this before you started to get involved in an avalanche of crime.” He added: “You have been trusted before and you have constantly breached it.”

Sherlock was remanded in custody for sentence on January 14.

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