Manchester lockdown: ‘More WILL die’ Boris says as he shames Burnham with stark city stats

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Boris Johnson addressed the developing situation across the country regarding coronavirus and the need for movement into different tier levels. During his speech on Friday evening, Mr Johnson thanked local leaders for their cooperation as the Government introduces new measures. He defended the Government’s push for more coronavirus measures as he said there had been an increase in coronavirus cases in addition to hospital admissions. 

Mr Johnson admitted that the Government and the leaders of Greater Manchester had not yet been able to come to an agreement. 

He said: “I must stress the situation in Manchester is grey and worsens with each passing day.”

“If agreement cannot be reached I will need to intervene to protect Manchester hospitals and save the lives of Manchester residents. But our efforts will be so much more effective if we work together.”

The Prime Minister added there are 690 cases per 100,000 for 16-29 year olds.

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