Manchester Mayor demands shops STOP selling booze at 9pm to prevent chaos on streets

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The Mayor of Greater Manchester suggested the 10pm curfew was “doing more harm than good”. He claimed the current curfew was counter-productive and pointed to huge crowds being placed out onto the streets all at the same time. The Mayor also warned about those continuing to party at home after being kicked out of pubs at restaurants at 10pm.

Mr Burham suggested a 9pm curfew of selling alcohol from shops may help to prevent people drinking into the late hours.

Similar regulations have already been put into place in Wales.

Residents in Wales are unable to purchase alcohol from supermarkets or off-licenses from 10pm.

Mr Burnham told Radio 4’s Today programme: “Perhaps if there was a 9pm curfew on sale of alcohol in supermarkets and shops, that would prevent the rush to shops once the pubs have closed.

“That’s what we saw on Thursday, that would have been around the country.

“My personal feeling is that the curfew is doing more harm than good, and creating a disincentive for people carry on drinking and partying at home, that is, we’re told the main place where the virus is spreading, in the home.”

Last Thursday Boris Johnson told pubs and restaurants across England to shut by 10pm.

But the new regulations were shown to have a major problem after large crowds were spotted being dispersed onto streets all at once.

Referring to the 10pm curfew, Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said today: “No. I would obviously say we keep all of our social distancing measures under review but no there’s nothing in that regard.”

The spokesman added: “We know that the vast majority of people want to do the right thing.

“What we are setting out is that those who recklessly take risks with the health of their friends, families, and communities should expect this to be taken seriously.”

Speaking to the Times MP Helen Whately said: “I would ask those who are coming out of pubs and clubs at 10 o’clock and want to be out partying just to think about the potential consequences of what they are doing.

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