Map shows where a phantom shaver has been targeting cats in Kent

A phantom cat shaver appears to be striking every other day in one area of Kent.

Felines are returning home missing huge chunks of fur.

The situation has got so severe that a map has now been created by Medway-based charity Animals Lost and Found.

It charts each incident following a surge in attacks.

The animal welfare organisation says it is adding to the map every other day as people report attacks on their pets at an alarming rate.

Incidents have been reported across Kent, from Northfleet down to Dover, with the majority seem to be confined to Medway, and in particular Gillingham, Chatham and Rochester.

Animals Lost and Found are keen to publicise the position of the assaults to give owners the chance to take every precaution to keep their cats safe.

Charity spokesperson Natasha McPhee said: ‘In some areas on the map it is more dense than others. There are roads where two or three attacks have happened.’

And since the first attack was reported just before Christmas, they are showing no sign of slowing down.

Most recently a woman from Hoo contacted the charity to say her cat is being attacked every time he goes out.

Natasha said: ‘The lady said she even follows it and it just goes and sits a few houses down the road.

‘But it is obviously happening the times she is not able to track him.’

And the woman told Natasha her cat is starting to get scared of her, saying: ‘It is obviously a human who is doing it to so she is getting frightened of people.’

The charity is advising cat owners to be as vigilant as possible, even if it means purchasing security cameras or keeping their pets indoors.

Attacks seem to have been increasing since Christmas when Victoria Griffiths, from Walderslade, was shocked to see her beloved tabby come back from his adventures with a large bald patch.

The 10-year-old moggy returned home with a huge, strangely-shaped patch of fur cut away, leaving his bare skin exposed.

‘I was so angry that some nasty human had decided to shave my cat,’ she said. ‘It was very distressing.’

While Kerry Ryan, 50, from Chatham, said her cat Dennis used to go out all the time but now she is too scared to let him out after he came home with an area around his back legs completely shaved.

‘I am so angry and deeply shocked that people can do this kind of thing to a cat or any animal,’ she said.

Natasha urged people to report anyone acting suspiciously around animals to the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

You can view the map of attacks by clicking here.

Similar shocking incidents have taken place up and down the country.

In January, people in Coventry complained of a cat shaver on the loose after their pets returned home missing perfectly square chunks of fur.

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