Mark Dolan urges Brits to preserve pubs as industry witness a turmoil

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Mark Dolan has urged the British people to save the “great legacy” pub culture of the UK which is currently going through financial turmoil. Mr Dolan was speaking on GB news on Friday after UK’s top pub Wetherspoon reportedly suffered huge a £30 million loss after confirming plans to sell 32 pubs across Britain.

According to the reports, the pub chain said it is struggling to get punters back into its boozers after the coronavirus lockdown.

Founder and chairman Tim Martin said customer habits have changed, with more people choosing to drink at home.

Mr Dolan said: “We have been losing thousands of pubs over decades now and the disappearance of our locals has of course been exasperated by Covid measures which have had a particularly brutal impact on hospitality.”

He went on to explain how a local pub serves as a community hub for people to meet and socialise.

He said: “When you lose a pub you lose so much. Pubs make a massive contribution to GDP and national income. Pubs are big employers, particularly of young people or those seeking casual labour. Your local boozer is a community hub.

“And the supply chains linked to the public house, wholesalers, brewers, and cleaning companies is massive. But more than that, pubs are a part of our way of life.

“They are one thing that separates this country from others.

“Your local boozer is a community hub, a venue normally a short walk or a bus ride away, where you can go with friends or family or maybe just pop in for a cheeky pint after work on your own with your newspaper, book or phone for a company.”

According to The Mirror, Wetherspoons has cut its losses significantly compared to when its pubs were closed over lockdown, but pre-tax losses still stood at £30.4million in the 12 months ending July 31.

The firm had reported a £167million loss last year, off the back of consecutive lockdowns. Before the pandemic, the company made a profit of £132million.

Sales were down 4.3 percent to £1.74billion in the year to the end of July.

Mr Dolan urged the Government to look at “favourable” tax terms for pubs.

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He said: “The Government should look at favourable tax terms for pubs and we, the public, must try, where we can, to use our local and offer them our support.

“Money is too tight to mention, absolutely and I love a cheap supermarket deal as much as anyone.

“But just occasionally, it’s worth popping in so that we can preserve this great legacy.

“A local friendly place to see old friends and make new ones, somewhere we drown our sorrows and toast our triumphs.

“Nothing beats the greatest British pub and we should do everything we can to save it.”

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