Married headteacher says sorry for having an affair with pupil’s mum

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A married head teacher at a school in Wales has apologised after having an affair with a pupil’s mother.

A hearing was told that Aled Rees claimed he was “popping to the Co-op”, but instead was meeting up with his lover. 

Rees, who had written to parents warning about children watching ITV2 reality show Love Island, was having long chats with the mother at the school gates, taking long absences from duty and taking personal phone calls in his office.

A disciplinary hearing was told Rees admitted five breaches of professional standards, including an “extra-marital relationship” with a pupil’s mother at rural school Ysgol Teilo Sant in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire.

He told the hearing: ‘I recognise my fault and blame. I take the blame.”

Rees added: “I have fallen short of the expectations I would have set for myself and would be expected of me by bodies in general.

“I regret the pain I caused to members of staff, pupils, parents and not to mention my own family.”

A hearing of the Education Workforce Council (EWC) heard that Rees, who has now left the school, was having the secret romance with a mother of one of the pupils in the school.

He faces being struck off the teaching register for his behaviour after a string of complaints.

Ioan Jones of the education union UCAC, representing Rees, said he “accepts it is not appropriate to remain in the profession”.

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The EWC panel heard that Rees became head of Ysgol Teilo Sant in January 2018, before quitting in February 2021.

Between September 2018 and February 2020 it is alleged he “spent an excessive amount of time” away from the site during the school day, often without arranging cover.

The hearing heard Rees would be absent for periods ranging from 45 minutes to several hours.

Assistant head Maureen Williams said this left the 180-pupil school without a safeguarding lead and no one in overall charge.

She said: “He didn’t give any reason other than he was popping to the Co-op for food.

“He was not leading the school as he should.

“He did not offer advice or support to staff. Leadership was unclear.”

Mrs Williams added: ‘We did not have evidence of an affair but there was a rumour going around and there was the pattern of his frequent loitering and staying outside by the gate with Learner A’s mother.

“Staff talked about it. I would see him at the gate talking to the parent in question.”

Previously, Rees had written to parents about Love Island.

In his letter, he had said: ‘I am of the opinion that primary school pupils aren’t mature enough to watch a programme of this nature where a person’s appearance is more important than their personality.”

Year five teacher Elen Davies told the hearing Rees sometimes spent half an hour chatting to the parent at the school gate in the mornings.

She said: ‘It was clear he gave this parent more attention that other parents.’

Ms Davies, 25, later informed Rees she was pregnant. When she complained that her class had been moved, she claimed Rees said words to the effect of: “That’s what you get for opening your legs.”

Rees denies he said that, but admits five allegations, including that “by virtue of his extra-marital relationship with the mother of a child at the school, he placed himself in a position where there was a conflict of interest”.

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