Meghan and Harry ‘don’t seem to care’ what Britons think of them

Meghan Markle claims are 'complete fantasy' says Myers

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are aiming to build a specific audience in the US with their programmes, interviews and work, according to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti. The journalist and commentator believes there is little concern from Meghan and Prince Harry over how people in Britain see them as they are no longer the main audience the Sussexes are trying to reach.

Speaking after the Duchess’ interview with The Cut was released, he told “It’s hard to know who she is hoping to reach and impress with this.

“I think it’s probably not British people because I think most Britons are quite tired of them and don’t like them, I think the polls show that.

“Prince Harry went from being one of the most popular royals to certainly one of the least popular.

“I think they don’t seem to care what British people think of them, which is understandable because they now live in America and their marketing efforts are aimed towards Americans and other people around the world.” 

The most recent YouGov survey on the popularity of members of the most prominent Royal Family members was conducted between May 18 and 19 on a sample of 1692 adults in Great Britain.

When it came to Prince Harry, 34 percent of those polled were said to have a positive opinion of him, while 59 percent were said to see him in a negative light.

Meghan performed worse, with only 26 percent of the surveyed people saying they like her against 65 percent saying they view her negatively.

Both the Sussexes performed much better among younger generations than older people. 

Mr Sacerdoti also believes Meghan and Harry are trying to reach young people rather than an older audience.

He said: “I think also they are aiming more for a younger audience than an older audience, so that her framing of her life as a series of struggles and her characterisation of her British life as one of victimhood is one that might resonate with the modern sensibility for struggle, victimhood and a sort of race to the bottom, whereby even if you are very wealthy, privately educated, you married a prince and live in a mansion you still need to find your own sense of victimhood in order to have the currency of modern wokeness.

“So I think that’s what she is hoping for.

“I just can’t believe, personally, that there are people falling for it. 

“I think their aim seems to be towards Americans.”

Meghan first openly spoke about her struggles to cope with the media and public attention, in particular as she was dealing with her pregnancy first and becoming a mum later, in October 2019, during an interview with Tom Bradby filmed as part of the ITV documentary ‘Harry & Meghan: An African Journey’.

She further opened up about her negative experiences during her months within the Firm in her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in early March 2021.

During this sit-down, the Duchess of Sussex raised serious and damaging allegations of racism and negligence against the Firm and spoke about her mental health being severely strained. 

In her most recent interview with New York magazine The Cut, Meghan spoke again about the behind-the-scenes and the fallout with the Royal Family she and Harry experienced.

Asked whether there is room for forgiveness between her and her royal in-laws as well as her and her own family, Meghan said: “I think forgiveness is really important.

“It takes a lot more energy to not forgive. But it takes a lot of effort to forgive.”

She added: “I’ve really made an active effort, especially knowing that I can say anything.”

In the interview, the Duchess also spoke about teaching Archie about homelessness and helping those in need, how she and Harry came to buy their mansion in Montecito and their organisation, Archewell. 

Speaking more about why the Duchess may be focusing her attention on certain topics during her public appearances, interviews and her new podcast – Archetypes – Mr Sacerdoti said: “There are rumours or speculation that she may be considering a career, one day, in politics, so she may be aligning herself with causes that she thinks resonate with that future ambition, if it’s one that she has.

“So for example she is keen to concentrate on issues of race and the environment and those are causes they talk about.”

Stressing he can only speculate on this, as he doesn’t have insider knowledge on Meghan’s desire for her future, the commentator added: “But I think they are aiming to a younger audience, an American audience, and if this speculation about her having even a potential political ambition is correct, it’s possible that that is what this is all about, they are lining up their messaging to something like that some years ahead.”

Meghan and Prince Harry are to take part in a series of events in the UK and Germany over the next few days.

Among these, they will be at the One Young World Summit on September 5, where the Duchess will deliver a keynote speech. 

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