Meghan and Harry have blown privacy ‘out of the water’ with series

Harry and Meghan star in trailer for Netflix documentary

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Netflix teased Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming documentary series with a trailer last week. The network reportedly paid £110 million for the couple to tell their story over six episodes. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will offer an unprecedented glimpse into their post-royal lives, with royal watchers across the globe eager to learn more. However, a royal expert has claimed the Sussexes, who have expressed a desire for increased privacy, have blown any chance for a less high-profile existence “out of the water” with the documentary. 

Russell Myers, the Daily Mirror’s royal editor, discussed the trailer on the latest episode of the Pod Save The King podcast. “They’ve got to go all guns blazing because if it’s like Harry’s book, it’s not going to be a wet blanket,” he said. “It’s going to be pretty heavy stuff.”

The minute-long trailer features several photographs of the Sussexes set to music, along with a few seconds of the pair talking. In a couple of the images, Meghan can be seen in tears while Harry appears to be distressed. 

They are heard being asked: “Why did you want to make this documentary?”

Harry replies: “No one sees what’s happening behind closed doors,” before adding: “I had to do everything I could to protect my family.” 

Meghan is seen appearing to wipe away tears and says: “When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” 

Mr Myers noted personal insight and the number of photographs shown in the preview, saying it was “just extraordinary” for a couple who supposedly wanted to keep their personal lives out of the limelight. He said: “For a couple of wanting privacy, they’ve just blown it out of the water.” 

Zoe Forsey, the Mirror’s features editor and host of the podcast, added: “It’s very dramatic, isn’t it? I pictured it was going to be more fly on the wall, behind the scenes… and I thought it was gonna be very soft, but it’s not — it sounds like they’re going hard. 

“There’s a clip of Meghan crying and Harry kind of leaning back on his chair looking very, very distressed. You’ve got Harry using that quote — which he’s said quite a few times before but it is still very powerful — ‘I had to do everything I could to protect my family’. 

She continued: “You’ve got Megan saying: ‘Hear our side of the story, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.’ There’s a lot of really heavy stuff it sounds like they’re gonna be discussing.”

Mr Myers added: “I was shocked at the amount of personal insights but this is a six to ten-part Netflix series — it’s going to have to have content isn’t it and that’s the way it is.” 

Netflix representatives have promised that even the couple’s “most plugged-in fans and followers” have “never heard it told like this before”. 

Viewers can expect the documentary to cover “the span of their relationship”. It will follow the “early days of the couple’s courtship to the challenges and controversies that prompted them to step back from the Royal Family”.

As well as hearing from the Sussexes, the series will use “interviews with family and friends” who have “never spoken publicly about the couple’s relationship before”.

The trailer did not reveal an official release date, only stating that the series is “coming soon”, but some reports have claimed it will be available on the streaming giant as soon as Thursday.

Mr Myers did admit he was looking forward to watching the show, telling the podcast: “I can’t wait to watch, it’s going to be absolutely incredible.” 

Released on Thursday last week, the Sussexes’ preview was “unfortunately timed” given its clash with the Prince and Princess of Wales’ visit to Boston, and the stepping down of Lady Susan Hussey amid a royal race row following her inappropriate comments at a recent event. 

Mr Myers said the trailer “completely overshadowed” Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales’ trip across the pond for the Earthshot Prize Awards. 

The royal editor was not the only expert to weigh in on the Sussexes’ timing. Cameron Walker, GB News’s royal reporter, tweeted: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary trailer is out. The cynic in me would question the timing (this week should be about Prince William’s Earthshot Prize). Regardless, it looks like Harry and Meghan still have grievances to vent.”

Similarly, GB News’ Dan Wootton fumed: “Right on cue, Harry and Meghan drop the trailer for their victimhood fest on Netflix. Shameless. Meghan has already destroyed the Markles. Now Harry is trying to destroy the Windsors. Small mercy that the late Queen doesn’t have to live through this.” 

However, some commentators have come to the Sussexes’ defence. Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu tweeted: “#HarryandMeghan doc is an affirmative action to speak their truth. The Royal Family can’t be the best of Britain if it embodies the worst.” 

She added: “Those trying to discredit #HarryandMeghan with the ‘they wanted privacy’ narrative is gaslighting nonsense. Not wanting an invasion of privacy doesn’t equate to becoming a recluse. They were always clear they would live a life of service but have control over their privacy.” 

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