Meghan and Harry ‘know most of UK are bored’ of them so aiming at ‘US market’ – expert

Harry and Meghan's ties to Obamas 'on the out' says expert

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Speaking to the US-based lifestyle magazine, Us Weekly, royal journalist and commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti claimed that Meghan and Harry “know” that “most of the UK” are bored of them. He suggested that as a result of the supposed fading interest in the couple in Britain they are not “really aiming at the UK market in their actions” and “all of the commercial deals they are making”. He went on to say that Britain’s interest in the Royal Family usually stems from who is next in line to the throne adding that with this in mind, the pair are “making hay while the sun shines” with their numerous commercial projects.

Asked by host Mollie Mulshine what Brits think of Harry and Meghan as they continue to enter lucrative commercial deals and projects, Mr Sacerdoti replied: “I think most people in the UK are pretty bored of Prince Harry and Meghan!”

But the royal expert suggested that the Sussexes “know that as well” and that they have directed their commercial interests away from the UK as a result.

He explained: “I am not sure they are really aiming at the UK market in their actions and in all of the commercial deals they are making.”

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But Mr Sacerdoti insisted that is not to say there is no interest in the couple in the UK but it is more interest in “anything to do with the Royal Family”.

He claimed: “But with Harry himself, he was reported to have said to a reporter at the Times that he knew eventually people would stop being interested in him when Prince George grows up.

“I think what he was referring to then was the idea that the younger royals are good for tabloid headlines and he is certainly making plenty of those himself!”

But the royal commentator stressed that as royals “get older” they become the “less interesting members” of the Royal Family.

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He added how even from a constitutional point of view members like Harry “slide” down the line of succession which plays a key role in the popularity drive of Royal Family members.

Mr Sacedoti suggested that as result of this, Harry wants to make as much of a “splash” during his “limited” time in the spotlight.

He claimed: “Prince Harry said he wants to use that time wisely so he can get important issues that he cares about the attention that he knows he can, by attaching his name to them.”

But in a brutal stab at Meghan and Harry, Mr Sacerdoti claimed that from a celebrity perspective the pair are “making hay while the sun shines” hinting that their popularity could fade.

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The comments come as royal expert Angela Levin branded the couple as becoming “global agony aunts” following a statement the pair made about the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan.

Speaking to GB News on Wednesday, Ms Levin said: “I think the couple have changed from trying to have an alternative woke royal family the other side of the world.

“To actually being global agony aunts with an uncle trailing behind!

“They are sort of ridiculous aren’t they!”

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