Meghan and Harry lose patience with ‘unnamed friends’ – Sussexes issue ban on speaking out

Meghan Markle is 'at war with everyone' says media writer

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s communications team at Archewell will reportedly speak on the record or not at all, with fans warned to ignore mystery “sources” claiming to talk for them in the press. The move is aimed at making clear to Harry and Meghan’s followers when stories are true as they will be confirmed by a spokesperson, the Telegraph reports.

It follows the couple’s war against sections of the media.

Anonymous “sources” have previously spoken to the press in a bid to defend her against what they perceived to be unfair coverage.

Five friends told “the truth” about Meghan to US magazine People in February 2019.

One told the publication: “Forget the fact of who she’s married to: She was royalty from the day I met her.

“The way she carries herself, interacts with people, is how you would expect an actual royal to behave.

“She personifies elegance, grace, philanthropy.”

Another added: “She can make a five-star meal out of the garbage in your refrigerator.”

Following the birth of the Sussexes’ son Archie in 2019, a source told Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “The baby is the most peaceful, placid child you’ll ever meet.

“They are so proud but probably quite relieved to have gotten the photos out the way … They’re rather tired!”

When Lili arrived earlier this year, a source told US Weekly: “Harry adores Lili and loves reading her bedtime stories and rocking her to sleep.

“Every day just gets happier.”

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Harry and Meghan quit royal duties in March 2020 for a new life in the US.

When they were working royals, they were represented by their own press secretary at Buckingham Palace.

They now have a team running their Archewell foundation.

The team includes executive director James Holt, global press secretary Toya Holness and head of communications Christine Schirmer.

Following Meghan’s recent legal battle win, she blasted a “model that rewards chaos above truth”.

Representatives for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been contacted for comment.

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