Meghan and Harry modelling themselves on Obamas — Sussexes deemed too ‘boring’

Meghan Markle is more to 'blame' for royal rift says Tom Bower

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hit the headlines after their recent visit to the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The Duke of Sussex delivered a keynote speech to mark Nelson Mandela Day. During the twenty-minute address, Harry mentioned the war in Ukraine, climate change and the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade; he also noted his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales’s relationship with Mandela. 

It came soon after Meghan sat down for a conversation with writer and feminist Gloria Steinem, during which she expressed her concerns over the overturning of Roe v Wade and urged others to demonstrate their fears by voting in the November midterm election, in doing so the Duchess took a step closer to the political sphere. 

Meghan has never officially commented on running for office or embarking on a political career but speculation around an entrance into politics has long surrounded the Duchess.

It has widely been claimed that the Sussexes use former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as a template. 

A well-known celebrity and entertainment columnist endorsed this claim but argued that such a plan has yet to be successful.   

Perez Hilton discussed Meghan and Harry’s career path since stepping down from their roles within the Royal Family, noting their multi-million-pound deals with Spotify and Netflix, but slamming the Duchess’ now-axed animated show as “boring”. 

Speaking on the To Di For Daily podcast, Mr Hilton said: “I think that they got very lucky with the timing of everything because if Meghan and Harry tried to get deals like that today I think it would be nearly impossible for them. 

“They were both able to secure huge pay cheques from Netflix and Spotify at a time when both of those brands were giving out huge pay cheques. 

“As we’ve seen this year, both Netlflix and Spotify are going through a lot of change…They’ve taken a huge hit.”

He told the podcast’s host Kinsey Schofield that Meghan’s show with Netflix looked “boring”, having watched the trailer for it which aimed to “celebrate women in history.” 

The show, which was under the working title ‘Pearl’, was to centre on a 12- year-old-girl who is inspired by the stories of influential women in history but was dropped by the streaming giant amid widespread cost-cutting moves in May. 

Archewell Productions, the media production arm of Harry and Meghan’s Archewell enterprise, was developing the family-oriented show with the Duchess of Sussex as a producer. 

Mr Hilton compared ‘Pearl’ to Michelle Obama’s television show with Netflix, which was widely thought to be a success. 

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He continued: “To my expert observation, what Meghan and Harry are doing is they clearly sat down, studied everything that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have done over the past five years and then are modelling themselves after that.

“Unfortunately for them, they are not Michelle and Barack. And I don’t think they’ve been making as smart decisions as the former president and first lady.

“In America, Harry and Meghan are not royals — they are celebrities. And, unfortunately, they are boring celebrities.”

Despite this, Meghan and Harry have remained a topic of interest since their shock exit from the Royal Family. 

Ahead of their return to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last month, there were fears that they would overshadow the monarch’s celebrations. 

The couple was asked to keep a low profile and only attended one public event during the four-day weekend. 

According to royal author Tom Bower, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to appear alongside the Queen on Buckingham Palace’s balcony during the celebrations. 

In his new book ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors’, Mr Bower claimed Harry “asked the Queen’s resistant advisers” but his attempts were unsuccessful. 

He added that this influenced the Duke to stop off in Windsor ahead of travelling to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, suggesting that the refusal of his demands sparked Harry’s comments about making sure the Queen was protected, thus “demonstrating his anger”.

Now, a royal commentator has suggested the Sussexes may be trying to garner as much attention, and earnings, whilst competition from the next generation of Royal Family members is low.

Speaking to the Royally Us podcast last week, Jonathan Sacerdoti said: “They know their time is possibly limited.

“There’s an interesting thing Prince Harry said ages ago that he kind of knew that he had a certain amount of time in the limelight, his 15 minutes.

“And eventually Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte would become the new, interesting characters.

“And he knows that because he once was the spare to the heir. And now he’s talking about the new heir, that is to say, William’s children, William’s son, who will become of interest and there’ll be a new Prince Harry.”

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