Meghan and Harry ‘not shy of litigation’ as author warned over book claims

Prince Harry memoir: Sussexes are 'not shy' over litigation

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Roya Nikkhah, royal editor for The Sunday Times, told the Royal Beat that it will be “very interesting” to see whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decide to take legal action against Tom Bower over his new biography. The book, published only yesterday, has made a flurry of claims that do not paint the former royal couple in a favourable light, and it remains to be seen whether the litigious pair will seek the legal route again. 

Ms Nikkhah said: “I suppose the proof will be whether or not the Sussex’s choose to take legal action over this. 

“We know that they are not shy in litigation. 

“So, it will be very interesting to see whether their lawyers take action over some of the more juicy claims made in this book.” 

Mr Bower had been promoting his book by doing media rounds in which he made public various claims from the biography prior to its publication on Thursday. 

Speaking to Piers Morgan on TalkTV earlier in the week, the biographer branded Ms Markle a “scheming” woman who did something “quite dreadful” to Britain when she left the royal family. 

He said: “I think she is a very clever and scheming woman. At the end of the book, I realised how successful she had been. 

“Here was a woman who was nothing. Born to a broken family, the whole thing. An unknown actress becomes a global star, which is what she wanted.

“She calculated that she could be a great success and by marrying Prince Harry, she did that. 

“They pose a real threat to the Royal Family. I just thought this woman was really doing something quite dreadful to Britain. 

“And Harry has fallen in love with her in the most ludicrous way, and gone along as her accomplice.” 

He later claimed to Mr Morgan that Ms Markle’s split from her own family had been mirrored in Prince Harry’s bitter dispute with his own. 

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And The Daily Telegraph revealed that in the book, Lady Hussey, one of the Queen’s longest-serving aides, reportedly said the Sussex’s marriage would “all end in tears”. 

Despite being tasked with helping the Duchess acclimatise to royal life in the UK, Mr Bower claimed Lady Hussey struggled with the uncompromising Ms Markle. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have filed a number of lawsuits and legal claims against newspapers and publications since their marriage. 

The most famous case involved the Mail On Sunday, which published a letter written by Ms Markle to her estranged father Thomas; the publication had to pay a nominal fee of £1 for breaching the Duchess’ privacy. 

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