Meghan and Harry ridiculed in latest South Park episode

South Park: Preview for the new episode

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been ridiculed by the American authors of South Park. The latest episode of the long-running programme was titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour and featured the “prince of Canada and his wife” on a mission to find privacy and seclusion. While Harry and Meghan are not clearly named, the authors appear to take aim at the pair’s decision to air their grievances in a memoir and in interviews over the past few years.

Shortly after the episode aired in the US on the Comedy Central channel, royal commentators and watchers took to Twitter to share their views.

Royal biographer Angela Levin said, upon sharing a clip from the programme showing Meghan and Harry being interviewed by a host on Good Morning Canada: “Ouch! This is cringe-making stuff.”

Twitter user Captain Swing (@TheMagSpud) simply said: “Good old South Park.”

Chris Rose (@ArchRose90) added: “South Park makes fun of Harry and Meghan. As usual, they get it spot on.”

And Andrew Fox (@Mr_Andrew_Fox) tweeted: “How does South Park manage to stay so relevant, skewering absolutely everyone, after all these years?”

The Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer also took to Twitter, saying: “So the makers of South Park have lampooned Harry and Meghan mercilessly, much more so than the teaser hinted.

“A sign the Sussexes have really made it in the US or further evidence of a loss of support?”

One social media user, Aunt Georgie (@georgieana4) replied to his question, saying: “South Park also roasted Covid. I suppose that ‘made it’ too, but not in a good way.”

Harry and Meghan, the user added, “made it to the top of the wrong list”.

South Park takes place in a homonymous little mountain town and follows the lives of four children – Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick.

The episode began with Kyle’s Canadian brother Ike looking distraught following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The fictionalised Prince and Princess of Canada, Harry and Meghan, appeared on screen being booed as they made their way to their seats at the funeral service of the late Queen.

Meghan and Harry were later seen on the set of Good Morning Canada, brandishing placards asking for their privacy.

A reference to the Duke’s best-selling book, Spare, was also made, as the host of the programme showed to the public the memoir – titled “Waaagh” in the cartoon.

Meghan and Harry eventually relocated, in a bid to find privacy, to the small town of South Park, and bought their new home just next door to Kyle’s.

The house, drawn in typical South Park style, looked decorated with signs asking people to “respect our privacy” and “leave us alone”.

Fictional Meghan and Harry could be seen dancing outside of the house and playing polo on the lawn, causing distress to their neighbour Kyle.

In one scene from the programme, the youngster complained to his friends about being driven “crazy” by the royals, saying he was “sick of hearing about them” but he “can’t get away from them”.

One of his friends, Stan, replied: “Look, Kyle, we just kind of don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife.”

After the royal pair were seen struggling to get the attention they “didn’t want”, they headed to the same agency Kyle was also consulting in a bid to change their brand.

The second episode of the 26th season of South Park – originally created by writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone – began with a disclaimer explaining that all characters – even if they’re based on real people – are indeed fictional.

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