Meghan and Harry risk ‘disenchanting’ public if they exploit royal status for money

Meghan Markle and Harry: Expert warns of 'disenchantment'

Royal expert Bob Morris argued that the Palace and the public expect Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to conduct themselves sensibly now they have stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family. During an interview with, Mr Morris insisted they would face the disappointment of the public if they attempted to combine royalty and celebrity to gain income. He added that they were not performing royal duties so should not seek to trade off their royal connections or reputation.

Mr Morris said: “I think the public would be perhaps disenchanted if they Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sought to use a particularly royal form of celebrity to gain an income.

“This is while they are not actually undertaking any royal duties.”

Mr Morris also reflected on the attitude of the palace if Meghan and Harry began using their royal status for financial gain.

He continued: “I imagine the Palace would be concerned if there appeared to be any political partisanship that they undertook.

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“They would be concerned if, in any way, they appear to be exploiting the royal connection for purely personal gain.

“They have withdrawn from that, understandably we would expect them to behave very honourably.

“The question is whether they find themselves in difficulties financially and whether they would try to trade on their connection, in a way that tries to freeload off their name.”

Going forward, Mr Morris also insisted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would likely fade into the background.

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He did note that it was unclear what path they would follow outside of the Royal Family but argued the interest around them would diminish.

He also added that the royal couple had confused celebrity status with royal status.

Mr Morris said: “It is very difficult to say what their future holds as they are still exploring their options.

“But I imagine they will gradually fade into the background.

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“They will be taking up residency in the United States and becoming increasingly distant from the Royal Family.

“It is not clear what their role will be but the essential difficulty is that they seem to have confused celebrity with royalty, they are not the same.”

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