Meghan and Harry set to have ‘very formal’ Christmas exchange with Royal Family

Meghan Markle 'nailed' Christmas gift for William says host

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Meghan Markle, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, have been urged to return to the UK to spend Christmas with the Queen but the royal couple have not given any suggestion as to where they will spend Christmas. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who moved to LA in March 2020, have not returned to the UK together since stepping down from royal duties. Royal expert Neil Sean has since revealed that the royal couple will be exchanging gifts with the family “formally”.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “There will be some gifts but it will be very formal.

“There will be a gift from the Queen, she’s far too gracious to be childish to not include them in the gift package.

“But let’s just say whatever they do send each other over it will be at a distance.

“That’s rather sad given that the Queen is 70 years on the throne and having to deal with some of the toughest decisions in her working and personal life.”

It comes as royal commentator Gwen Flamberg insisted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should visit as the Queen is “not getting any younger”.

Concern for the health of the Queen has been heightened in recent weeks after she pulled out of a number of major engagements, spent a night in hospital, and was ordered to rest by royal doctors.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Ms Flamberg said: “I wish that they would go for Christmas.

“The Queen’s Christmas brunch is always a very big deal.

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“I’m not quite sure if it will go off as it did before the pandemic because the pandemic is still going on.

“But let’s just say, she’s not getting any younger and I would hope they would spend ample time together.”

While royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti has said it would be a “great opportunity for some family healing”.

Speaking to, Mr Sacerdoti said: “I imagine that the Queen would like to have them there.

“I can see why it’s very difficult for them to be able to come back for Christmas but also it could be a great opportunity for some bridge-building and for some family healing and I think that they would probably want that and the rest of the family would probably want that.


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“The problem is there would be masses of speculation and gossip surrounding it and that’s not something of them should want and that might be they don’t manage to do it but we’ll have to wait and see.

“The Queen hasn’t met Lilibet and it would be a good opportunity for that.

“Especially as we’re looking at the Queen now with her recent health issues and at such an advanced age, I know that there have been reports that Harry was sad he hadn’t got to see Prince Philip more in the final period in his life.

“I think anyone with older relatives is aware Christmas is a good time to make the time to be together even when you have a busy schedule.”

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