Meghan and Harry set to ‘hit interview trail’

Meghan Markle and Harry are 'trashing the Queen' says Wootton

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to hit “the interview trail hard” after their Netflix documentary released. At 8am GMT, the first half of the Sussex’ long-awaited series was dropped, with the Duke and Duchess launching broadsides against the media. Edward Coram James, a PR, reputation management, crisis management and digital marketing expert and CEO of Go Up, said the Sussex royals are set to take on the interview circuit after their documentary released.

However, he added the Royal Family will not speak on Harry and Meghan’s documentary, instead continuing to remain silent

He said in an email to “In terms of personal responses, there will be a stark contrast between that of the Sussexes and the Cambridges over the next two months.

“Harry and Meghan will do what they do best: hit the interview trail, mostly in the US, hard, and provide as much comment, context and controversy as they can.

“For the working Royals, at-arm’s-length leaks and ‘friends-of-friends’ from the extended Royal network will do most of the on-camera heavy lifting.

“Neither the King nor William or Kate will provide any personal comment, aside from the possible reference to them loving and missing their brother/brother-in-law/son.”

A year after stepping down from full time royal duties in 2020, the Sussexes appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021.

The two-hour NBC special included claims that King Charles III had at one point stopped taking Harry’s calls, and that a member of the Royal Family had raised “concerns” about their child Archie’s skin colour.

Meghan revealed she had suicidal thoughts and said: “I just didn’t want to be alive any more”.

She also denied reports she made Kate cry ahead of her wedding – claiming “the reverse happened”.

Mr James then added that the royals “understand better than most the great power held in dignified silence”, touting it as “one of the things that the British public has come to respect most in the senior Royals”.

“In some contexts, silence can be worth a thousand words”, he added. “It can serve to ennoble the Royal family in the eyes of the public, while making the noisy side seem immature, gossipy and rabble rousing.

“Expect a lot of silence from the working Royals, punctuated by the odd short, and very carefully chosen statement from the Palace, with the work of providing more specific context and statements coming from members of the Royal household and friends that you have never heard of.”


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In the bombshell documentary, Meghan and Harry blasted the media and paparazzi, with the Duchess recalling: “I felt like the whole of the UK media descended on Toronto.

“Just men sitting in cars all day waiting for me to do something.”

She alleged her neighbours were paid to put cameras into their houses to overlook her back yard.

Harry also said “dating became a combination of car chases, anti-surveillance driving, and disguises, which isn’t a particularly healthy way to start a relationship”.

He says they tried to approach it with as much humous as possible, to try to have as normal a life as possible.

“Even when Will and Kate came over,” Meghan said, “I was in ripped jeans.”

She says in that section she has always been “a hugger” and she was surprised the formality of the Royal Family continues when the door is closed and they are in private too.

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