Meghan and Harry setting trends as ex-Princess Mako takes leaf from Sussex book

Princess Mako: Move to US 'a fresh start' says Tseng

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Japan’s Princess Mako married her college sweetheart Kei Komuro last month, causing her to lose her royal status. In Japanese law, female Royal Family members rescind their royal status if they marry a “commoner,” although male members do not. Princess Mako also skipped the usual rites of a royal wedding and turned down payment offered to royal females when they leave the family. She is the first female member of the family to decline both offerings. 

Professor Alice Tseng claimed that Princess Mako of Japan’s move to New York is ‘a fresh start’ for the former royal.

Ms Tseng said: “In a way it does make sense that she is moving to New York away from her home country.

“Perhaps it will be a nice, new fresh start for her.”

NBC reported: “Mako is not the first Japanese royal woman to choose love over the crown. But the rules are different for men.”

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Ms Tseng added: “The current Emperor and Emperor emeritus as males, they both married commoner women.

“They did not have to give up their status.

“So this is part of the big debate why is there still this gender inequity.”

NBC reported: “The couple has been compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who also moved to the US following harsh media coverage back home.”

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“Like the British Royals, the Comoros are looking to be financially independent.”

The pair moved to New York today, following their wedding in Tokyo last month.

When announcing the wedding, Mako announced: “He is someone I cannot do without.

“Marriage is that decision needed for us to live on, staying true to our hearts.”

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The couple have been dubbed “Japan’s Harry and Meghan,” due to the similar situations between them.

Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior members of the British Royal Family in January 2020.

They stated that they needed space, and were looking to acquire financial freedom. 

They moved to LA in March 2020. 

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