Meghan and Harry urged ‘do something interesting’ like Zara and Mike

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Meghan and Harry have been urged to “do something interesting” and take lead from Harry’s cousin, Zara Tindall and her husband Mike. According to Craig Prescott, an expert in UK Constitutional Law and politics, with a particular interest in the Royal Family, the Tindalls are “the model from which [Meghan and Harry should] build”. Referring to the Tindalls as “undoubtedly celebrities”, he pointed out that, despite this, the couple are “private citizens” with “no titles”.

In a thread he posted on Twitter, Mr Prescott wrote of the Tindalls: “They have a stellar sporting background.

“Zara is a world champion in eventing.

“Mike won the Rugby Union World Cup.

“The royal connection adds to what they do, rather than is what they do.”

He also pointed out: “Mike also has a podcast. No one minds.”

Mr Prescott added: “Clearly the Sussexes profile was always much higher and the Tindalls never had a title, or royal role.

“At the very least the Tindalls provide proof of concept.”

Concluding the thread, he urged Meghan and Harry to “do something interesting [it doesn’t matter hugely what] and from that everything else will follow”.

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Less than two years after Meghan married into the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their plans to step down as senior working royals in 2020.

They declared on their official Instagram account that they wished to “work to become financially independent”, but would continue to “fully support” Queen Elizabeth II.

The couple revealed, in January 2020, that their decision came after “many months of reflection and internal discussions”.

Although not senior royals, Mike and Zara have still actively taken part in various royal events over the years. As the daughter of Princess Anne, Zara currently stands twentieth in the line of succession.


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In December 2022, Meghan and Harry released their first major project, their six-episode Netflix series, simply titled Harry and Meghan.

Next week, on January 10, Harry is set to release his 416-page highly-anticipated memoir. The book was first revealed in July 2021, with its original release date set for sometime in late 2022.

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