Meghan and Harry ‘winning PR battle’ in the US

Meghan Markle ‘gave up her job’ says Jimmy Carr

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly “winning” the PR battle in the US as their “brand new fairytale” has been “resonating” with audiences over there. Although their Netflix documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’ has been slammed by some negative reviews, members of the public have reacted more favourably to their revelations, reports claim.

Hollywood critics have blasted the $100million series as a “Royal Pity Party” after the first three episodes landed on the streaming giant last Thursday.

The rest of the series will be available a week later on December 15.

Other criticisms of the programme included “Dull Diary Entry” to “a hypocritical attention grab”.

However, Noel Phillips told Good Morning Britain from New York this week: “Mixed reviews so far, but the overwhelming feeling is that the couple are winning the PR brand management strategy.

“Harry and Meghan are not just rewriting the royal narrative that we all know of their lives so far, but they are creating this brand new American fairytale and it seems to be resonating with a lot of people.

“I spoke to one woman earlier today who told me she was in tears watching the series, ‘they are just couple goals’, she went on to say.

“Another man said, ‘I was expecting a lot of drama and for tea to be spilled’. I assume he’s referring to the accusations of racism and bullying.

“He then went on to ask me: ‘Is your country really that prejudiced and outdated when it comes to race?'”

The reporter then spoke to an unnamed family member of George Floyd, after Meghan spoke out fiercely against racial injustice.

The family member told Phillips of the royal pair: “We will gladly take them if Britain don’t want them.”

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Many critics have expressed disappointment that the series did not reveal any new information or expose any member of the Firm for treating the Sussexes poorly.

Stephanie Bunbury wrote for Deadline: “Three hours into Netflix doc series ‘Harry & Meghan’ and still no tell-all truths from the darkest corners of the House of Windsor.

“Anyone who had expected the curtain to be lifted on the deep-state machinations of The Firm to protect the brand will be feeling shortchanged by Volume I which dropped today.”

Another reviewer Daniel D’Addario said in Variety: “As with the most recent, painfully dull season of “The Crown,” there seems a sort of narrative stuckness, an inability or lack of desire to find the next thing to say that we haven’t yet heard.”

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