Meghan and Harry’s ‘brand on life support’, says royal expert

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Prince Harry attending the King’s Coronation will help the Duke of Duchess and Sussex’s brand, which is “on life support”, according to a royal expert. The Duke, 38, is now set to attend the crowning of King Charles after waiting weeks to RSVP to the event.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield believes the Duke highlighting his association with the rest of the Royal Family will boost the Sussexes popularity ratings.

“Their poll numbers are in the gutter at this point. I feel that their brand is on life support and I do think one of the main reasons you’re going to see Harry attend the Coronation is because he desperately needs the association with his DNA, with his relatives,” Schofield opined on TalkTV.

“Because that’s the only thing that makes him relevant. Do you think all these people from San Francisco would give him all these jobs and job titles and give him all this money to make YouTube videos for him if it weren’t for his father being the King? No way.”

Other royal watchers were of a similar opinion: that Harry and Meghan needed their association with the royals to “survive” in California.

Royal expert Charles Rae said: “Although he keeps on [bashing] the Royal Family, he needs the connection with the Royal Family to survive in California with Meghan.”

Speaking on TalkTV, Rae continued: “Would it be a surprise, when the pictures start coming in on May 6, if we suddenly get a picture drop from a little birthday party in Montecito for Prince Archie?”

He added that he would be “very, very surprised” if there was a rapprochement between Harry, his brother Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales at the Coronation.

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Harry’s attendance at the event follows two months of speculation over whether the Duke and Duchess would accept the invite.

The Coronation falls on May 6, the same day as Prince Archie’s fourth birthday.

Meghan will stay home to celebrate with her son while Harry heads to London to see his father be crowned.

Although Charles became the monarch upon the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, the ceremony will mark the change in his titles and his position as the head of the Church of England.

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