Meghan fights back tears in surprise appearance to honour 21 killed in Texas school horror

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The Duchess of Sussex, 40, visited a memorial site outside Uvalde County Courthouse, where she laid a bouquet of white roses.

The courthouse is a short distance from Robb Elementary School, where gunman Salvador Rolando Ramos killed 21 people on Tuesday.

The 18-year-old gunman was shot and killed by police after carrying out one of the most deadly school shooting sprees in recent US history.

The Duchess was emotional as she looked at each individual tribute to those tragically killed, the white crosses bearing the victims’ names.

She was dressed simply and casually in blue jeans, a plain white T-shirt and a baseball cap as she looked sombrely at the memorial.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called AR-15-wielding Ramos “the sheer face of evil”, after the teenager entered the elementary school just after 11.30am on Tuesday morning.

Dressed entirely in black, he then made his way to classrooms full of children and opened fire indiscriminately.

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, from the Texas Department of Public Safety, told NBC that Ramos “no regard for human life, just a complete evil person”.


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