Meghan Markle accused of ‘humiliating and manipulating’ Prince Harry with 2020 antics

Meghan Markle and Harry: Experts discuss couple's 2020

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stunned the world when they claimed they wanted to step away from being senior royals early into 2020. After arguing they wanted to be a more private couple the pair have faced significant criticism for their post-royal endeavours. Most recently they have been attacked for the announcement of a Netflix deal, awards list and Spotify podcast deal. 

Commentators Mike Graham, Dawn Neesom and Russel Quirk discussed the Duke and Duchess’ year with Mr Quirk concluding he felt sorry for Prince Harry.

He argued that the Duke had been manipulated and humiliated by Meghan after announcing their desire to step down from royal duties to pursue other avenues that would still keep them in the limelight.

Mr Quirk said: “This is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry believing they actually are an alternative to the Royal Family.

“They have got their own awards, these nominations, that is going to be hilarious.

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“I and a number of people have said this, you have got to feel sorry for Harry.

“I know he has been a plank in his own right but it is the way he has been manipulated and driven and humiliated by Meghan.

“It is, as I have said before, he could be tossed away and discarded in a few months time when Meghan is finished with him.

“It is actually quite sad to see.”

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The trio then discussed Meghan’s dating history in the UK while criticising Prince Harry.

They also moved on to talk about the royal couple’s million pound Netflix deal despite the controversy surrounding the Royal Family’s depiction in The Crown.

Ms Neesom said: “£75 million from Netflix, the company that has actually spent this year destroying the modern-day Royal Family, his parent’s reputation.

“They really destroyed them, Princess Diana, they portrayed her as this crazy woman, though it is a drama and not true.

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“How you can then take £75 million from the company that have done that to your own parents I don’t know.

“Obviously Prince Harry doesn’t have a problem with that, to say nothing about it.

“They then take £18 million from Spotify when they are going to do these little broadcasts.”

Mr Quirk closed by saying it was “cringe” how both Harry and Meghan were attempting to staying relevant as he concluded that they were not at all.

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