Meghan Markle and Harry tipped to ‘pivot’ and return to ‘much easier royal’ role

Prince Harry made Meghan 'a bigger name' says Richard Palmer

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Royal author Tina Brown believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may eventually grow weary of their new roles in entertainment and attempt to return into the royal fold. Unlike being a working member of the Firm, Hollywood doesn’t always grant status and a steady income, no matter the hard work.

However, she cautions against writing Meghan, Harry and their organisation Archewell off as entertainment mogul just yet.

The author of The Palace Papers told entertainment newsletter The Ankler: “The trouble with pronouncing on Archewell projects is that a big announcement could render judgment foolish–as in, ‘It’s a shame Huma Abedin has no love life,’ only to find she’s dating Bradley Cooper.

“I think the Sussexes are beginning to realise the mirage of ‘entertainment deals,’ which are wildly difficult to deliver on as everyone in Hollywood knows.

“It’s much, much easier to be a royal, which offers perennial Status without much requirement for Quo.

“Watch for the pivot in a year or two, when the Sussexes feel the calling to return to the UK to serve Harry’s country and rejoin the balcony lineup for which front-page coverage is assured.”

Prince Harry and Meghan had dipped their toes into the entertainment industry while they were still two working members of the Firm.

In 2019, the Duke announced he was working on a mental health series called The Me You Can’t See for Apple TV+.

The series was meant to launch in 2020 and was part of Harry’s long-term commitment on breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting mental fitness.

The programme was eventually released in May 2021, featuring candid conversations about the royal’s experiences with therapy as well as bombshells focused on his family.

On the other hand, Meghan narrated the Disney Nature documentary Elephant, focused on a family of elephants who make yearly migrations from a flooded river delta to the edge of Victoria Falls in the Kalahari Desert.

While the film was released as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were bowing out of their roles as working members of the Firm at the end of March 2020, the voiceover was recorded in the autumn of 2019.

Meghan donated the proceeds to a charity close to her and Harry’s heart – Elephants without Borders, which works in elephant conservation.

After the Sussexes split from the Firm, they signed a deal with Netflix, announced in September 2020, and Spotify, revealed in December that same year.

These multi-year deals, the size of which was never confirmed, will see the Duke and Duchess become creators of audio and video content with the support of their two production powerhouses – Archewell Audio and Archewell Productions.

Meghan and Harry have so far announced two series for Netflix – Pearl and Heart of Invictus.

The first was meant to be an animated series focused on the adventures of a young girl but, as announced in May, it was scrapped by Netflix as part of a wider cost-cutting move focused on animation products following a dip in subscribers.

Heart of Invictus focuses on athletes preparing for the Invictus Games which have taken place at The Hague in April.

The multi-episode documentary aims at showcasing stories of “resilience and hope”, a statement released last year said.

While the show, which counts Harry as one of its executive producers, was announced in April 2021, no date has been set yet for its release.

Last week, several months after the deal with Spotify had been announced, Meghan released the first episode of Archetypes, a podcast series looking into labels that try to hold women back.

The 12-episode programme features A-listers speaking about their experiences as well as experts analysing the meaning of certain words.

The launch of Archetypes focused on the word ambition and how it can get a negative connotation when it is attributed to a woman.

Meghan’s first guest was tennis champion Serena Williams, to be followed on August 30 by Mariah Carey.

The show has so far been a success on Spotify, reaching the top spot in the streaming platform’s charts in 10 countries.

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