Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must ‘change direction’ as career paths ‘murky’

Meghan Markle’s Suits character lays law on new employee

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been urged to make a “change in direction” after the furore from their claims against the Royal Family triggered a key “defining moment”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a series of claims made against the British Royal Family in their Netflix documentary series last December, with Harry making further claims in his memoir, Spare.

But since then, very little has been heard from Meghan and Harry.

Last month, the Sussexes suffered a further blow when their $20million deal with Spotify was mutually ended. They still have their bumper, multi-year deal with Netflix, with Harry’s own Heart of Invictus documentary due for release next month.

However royal author Pauline Maclaran, professor of marketing and consumer research at Royal Holloway University in London, has been left wondering where the couple’s careers and brands now progress from here.

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She told Daily Express US: “I have previously said their Archewell brand was getting completely smothered by their own ‘personality brands’ – and I think we have definitely seen that.

“The whole furore around the Netflix documentary but particularly Harry’s memoir, I see that as a more defining moment.

“At least the Netflix documentary was about them whereas Spare was really about Harry

“That all got caught up in the logic of marketing and branding around Penguin Random House. That became very much an individual focus on Harry who was basically complaining about his royal life. It was an amazing best-seller but it didn’t do them any favours.”

Maclaran continued: “At the moment, Harry and Meghan are really taking stock of where they are and where they are going forward.

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“The signs seem to be that they realize they can’t keep a brand going continuously by just knocking the Royal Family while they themselves hold onto their royal titles.

“There has to be some change in direction, but I do think that what you see now is still all very murky.”

The royal, brand and marketing expert has urged Meghan and Harry to return to their “core brand values” – and has praised the Duke of Sussex for doing so with his Heart of Invictus documentary.

But she believes “we are still a little bit in the dark” with Meghan in terms of what she plans to do next in her career although there could be “surprises” from the Duchess of Sussex.

Maclaran said: “I feel they are taking stock now and what we see possibly emerging would be going back to their core brand values where Harry – because he has clearly become this individual brand through Spare – that he is going on with his Heart of Invictus series.

“That is very positive because that is going back to what Harry is good at. It is something very consistent with their idea of being a humanitarian brand – the Archewell connection. That now needs to be emphasized.

“With Meghan, we are still a little bit in the dark. There could be surprises from her – people have talked about her possibly developing a lifestyle brand – but she needs to develop a more definite image than she has at the moment.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she went back to acting or something she is known to have done and to be quite good at.

“Going back to the core brand values would seem to make sense and going forward more as individuals with the common interests on Archewell would seem to make sense. It still seems incredibly murky though.”

Earlier this month, a royal expert claimed Meghan is planning on becoming a “Hollywood power player” and has “set up shop” in an LA hotel suite close to her talent agency as she works on new projects.

The former actress, who starred as Rachel Zane in hit US legal drama Suits for several years before meeting Harry, reportedly signed with renowned Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavour (WME).

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield has revealed one of the rumors doing the rounds is that Meghan Markle is looking to make a big play in Hollywood.

She said during an appearance on GB News in the UK: “One of the rumors is that Meghan has set up shop in a hotel suite across from her agency William Morris Endeavour and that she has her eyes set on bigger opportunities.

“She wants to be a power player in Hollywood and that is not the direction that Harry has any desire to go.”

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