Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘need a dose of reality’ after finance and security claims

Meghan Markle interview ‘chink in armour’ for Queen says expert

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Since the landmark interview, which was aired on CBS in the US and ITV in the UK this month, a number of the couple’s claims have been debunked, including that they actually had a private ceremony days ahead of their 2018 wedding. Meghan told Oprah “three days before our wedding, we got married”, and that it was “just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury”. But this was incorrect, Stephen Borton – the ex-chief clerk at the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, said, who argued Meghan was “obviously confused and misformed”. The Duke of Sussex also told the Oprah how he was “shocked” to learn that his security had been taken away, in the days after he and Meghan had moved to Canada and stepped down as senior royals.

Harry, who recently announced he would take on his first role at a private company, said he never thought his security would be taken away because he had been born into his role and inherited the risk. But he was told the “change in status” meant they were no longer going to have state-funded security.

Instead, they have had to pay for private security as they set up their new life in the US, Harry added.

Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers.

Mr Myers argued the couple are extremely wealthy and can easily fit the bill for security themselves.

He added that if they do not want to be working members of the Royal Family, why should taxpayers have to cough up the funds?

In essence, he pointed out that they have chosen to leave and so have to live with the consequences.

Mr Myers said: “If they wanted to be part of the family, we wouldn’t be having these conversations.

“But I think they need to take some responsibility for their own actions and I got that feeling, as much as I was quite distressed hearing a lot of things coming from Meghan and Harry’s mouths, I thought they really needed a bit of a dose of reality in that sense.

“Just take it on the chin, you’ve got loads of money, you’re going to earn loads of money, so then you’ve got to get your own private security.”

It is believed Harry was left around £10million by Princess Diana, as well as her priceless jewellery collection.

This combined with around £7million from the Queen Mother and other inheritances, the Duke is believed to be worth around £36million.

Meanwhile, Meghan has accumulated around £5million from her successful TV career.

The couple have also signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify over the last year believed to be worth £100million and £30million respectively.

They bought a mansion in Montecito last year worth around £11.4million.

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Mr Myers said: “Where would the sympathy be for a 36-year-old man who is complaining about being cut off financially, who is worth the best part of £30million?

“And by saying, ‘We could only get this house because of my mother’s money’ ‒ well you’re living in a $14million mansion and you’ve got $50million in the bank, plus the money that you’ve just been signing up with Netflix!

“I mean, I don’t buy that and I think they really need to take a step back and realise some of the comments they are making are inflammatory to the public.”

He added that the security Harry was used to is not only funded by the Home Office, but carried out by Metropolitan Police officers who are based in London.

Meghan and Harry: People 'wary' to talk to them says expert

Unlike private security details, who are usually told where and when they will be working, these officers would have to commit to essentially moving countries, yet the couple still did not have a thought-out plan for their future.

He said: “These protection officers, that’s not just their job, that they don’t have families and lives.

“They would actually have to be travelling with them all the time.

“And these people are based within the Met Police in London, because they’re part of a specialist royalty protection group.

“And the appetite to work with the couple in between Windsor and London was very, very slim let alone travelling all over the world with them.

“So there were an awful lot of things to consider that they hadn’t considered and I thought that was a bit short-sighted of them.”

Decisions about who gets security are made by the Royal and VIP Executive Committee, which controls the security budget for the royal household and VIPs, including former prime ministers.

Former royal protection officer Simon Morgan told the Telegraph that once Meghan and Harry stepped down they were classed as high net worth individuals/ A list celebrities, meaning they are not entitled to taxpayer-funded security.

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Oprah With Meghan and Harry was on ITV at 9pm on Monday March 8. You can watch the full interview onthe ITV Hub.

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