Meghan Markle and Prince Harry secretly deliver food to most vulnerable in Los Angeles

Local resident Dan Tyrell said he opened the door to his Sierra Bonita building in West Hollywood yesterday morning to see two very familiar faces. He was expecting to receive a simple meal from Project Angel Food, however, it turned into a royal experience for Mr Tyrell as Meghan and Prince Harry appeared on his doorstep as volunteers, according to West Hollywood WeHoville news.

“They were both nice and very down-to-earth people,” Tyrell said. “They had masks on, and they were dressed down with jeans, but very nice jeans.”

“I thought that the tall red-headed guy looked pretty familiar, and that girl was very pretty.

“Then I saw the large black SUVs with the security guards behind them.”

“If they had given me the heads up, I would have worn my tiara!” Tyrell joked.

Meghan and Harry had taken the morning to help Project Angel food to deliver vital supplies to those living with critical illnesses including HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney failure, diabetes and congestive heart failure.

The majority of the clients are aged over the age of 60 and live with a compromised immune system, which sees them placed in the high-risk category for those who could contract fatal cases of coronavirus.

Project Angel Food has strived to carry on delivering food through the pandemic but has been affected by greater demand for a supply of meals.

There have also been volunteers who have had to cancel their shifts and fundraisers put on hold.

The executive director of the project, Richard Ayoub has said he was delighted at Meghan and Harry’s willingness to volunteer, which was not going to be made public.

“They wanted to help us relieve some of the drivers from their workload,” he said.

“So they made deliveries in West Hollywood today.

“It’s really, really amazing. We loved having them and they are the most down-to-earth people.”

The apartments that the former Sussex couple visited are a mixed-use housing complex that is part of the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation.

Twitter users were quick to praise the former Sussex couple.

One said: “Ooohhhh love this. Sorry, it got out but I’m sure H&M knew that once they’re out in public in this way, someone is bound to squeal.”

Another replied: “This is amazing”

A third commented: “Excellent news. It’s really great to see that Harry & Meghan are continuing their impactful, community-based, & results-oriented charity work in Meghan’s hometown. The Sussexes are true forces for good.”

It comes as American aristocrat Lady Julie Montagu spoke on Harry becoming more “emotionally open” as he transitions into his new Hollywood life.

She said: “I feel like he has found somebody that he can be emotionally open with and I think that’s a really good thing,

“Family becomes the most important thing.”

She told Mail Online: “I always say whenever you meet an American, you know their life story within 24 hours.

“We’re very emotionally open, which I think for Harry is actually a really good thing.”

Project Angel Food has been contacted by for comment.

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