Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set to assess and ‘rethink’ future goals

Royal expert Maggie Rulli argued Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be reflecting on how the world will change after coronavirus and what this will mean for them. While on Omid Scobie’s The Heir Pod, Ms Rulli noted the royal couple would have to reflect on how they conduct their charity work in a post-coronavirus world. She said Meghan may choose to take on new important causes while still championing old ones.

Ms Rullie said: “I’m curious how much the coronavirus will change what Meghan and Harry will do.

“There are plenty of charities that need attention right now and many of the young royals and the Royal Family are paying attention to the immediate needs of during this crisis.”

Ms Rulli noted the global coronavirus health crisis could create many opportunities and reshape the world after it has been resolved.

She continued: “There is an opportunity and chance to change what people do going forward.

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“We have never had something like this happen before in modern history where everyone just stops.

“People are going to be rethinking how they live their life and it is a good point that this could be an opportunity for people to rethink how they travel.”

The royal expert noted that Meghan’s behaviour and attitude towards her goals and charities could change following the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Rulli said: “But also I am curious how this will impact Meghan and her endeavours.

“We know that she has always been passionate about female empowerment and young people so I am sure she will stay doing those types of wonderful work.

“But I wonder how this coronavirus crisis will change what she is going to work on.”

Mr Scobie reflected on the difficulties charities are facing currently and the help they will need after the crisis.

He said: “Even when we do return to some form of normality there is a world and a nation that will need a lot of guidance.


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“They will need help getting back to normal, whether that is businesses or charities getting back on their feet.

“Charities often rely on donations but also visitors and that usual traffic they usually receive.

“Some of these places are now receiving no money and it is very difficult to keep an organisation like that going.

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