Meghan Markle and Prince Harry warned financial moves could dry up if royal links slashed

Meghan Markle: Expert on Buckingham Palace ‘criticism’

Meghan’s investment in a female-led startup is likely to be just the first of a series of financial opportunities the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have in their post-royal life, according to expert in reputation, brand and political strategy Eric Schiffer. However, Mr Schiffer believes the unbreakable links with the Royal Family provide a huge help to the Sussexes in accessing similar deals. 

Commenting on Meghan’s investment in oat milk latte startup Clevr Blends, Mr Schiffer told “They are going to have more of these kinds of opportunities.

“To me this is where their wealth is really going to grow because they can get access to these ventures that are positioned well for massive paydays.

“And that’s one of their smartest paths in many ways, strategically from a business standpoint.

“I think you are going to see more of that in the future. 

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“But would they get that without a royal connection? No, not a chance.”

Meghan revealed an interest in small but quickly-growing brands last year, when she invested in the startup founded by Hannah Mendoza and Roger Coppola.

In a statement confirming she did invest in the company, Meghan said: “This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritises building community alongside her business.”

The size of her investment has not been disclosed. 

This brand was launched as a coffee pop-up shop in Santa Barbara in 2019, one year before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved there with their son Archie Harrison.

Mr Schiffer believes investing in startups could be a smart financial move for the Sussexes.

He said: “They have many things cooking now and I suspect we are going to see a lot more deals being announced. 

“And it wouldn’t surprise me to see more deals within the Silicon Valley and other hot startup concepts because if they are focused on becoming the first billion-dollar royals that’s a real clear path.”

Meghan and Prince Harry officially stepped down as senior royals at the end of March last year.

Only a few months later, in early September, they announced they had struck a deal with Netflix, which will see them becoming producers of documentaries, TV shows and children’s programming.

In late 2020, they revealed they were launching Archewell Audio as part of a partnership with Spotify, for which they will produce podcast series.   

The aim of their work as TV and audio producers, Meghan and Harry said, is to create programmes that uplift and entertain audiences around the world.

So far, the couple has released their podcast’s holiday special on Spotify, which featured anecdotes and inspirational stories from several celebrities – including Sir Elton John, Deepak Chopra and James Corden.

By relinquishing their roles as senior royals, Prince Harry and Meghan became financially independent from the Sovereign Grant.

According to a source who spoke to People magazine, achieving financial independence was particularly important to the Sussexes.

They said: “Despite everything that has been going on this year, they don’t regret their move to the US. 

“They love that they are able to focus on projects and causes that are important to them.”

Following Megxit, Meghan and Harry were also given the freedom to live abroad while retaining their patronages.

However, they can no longer undertake royal duties or represent the Queen in an official capacity and they have been asked by Buckingham Palace not to use their His/Her Royal Highness styles.

Moreover, Prince Harry is set to lose his three honorary military titles.   

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