Meghan Markle can never be known as ‘Princess Meghan’ due to strict royal rule

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A strict rule means Meghan Markle can never be known as ‘Princess Meghan’ if she loses ‘Duchess’ title.

Meghan was given the title Duchess of Sussex by the late Queen Elizabeth after marrying Prince Harry on May 19.

But she also has a lesser-known title following her marriage to the Duke of Sussex – Princess Henry of Wales.

The name was given to her in reference to Prince Harry’s name at birth, which is Henry. This style of title is acquired by women when they marry into the Royal Family.

But it has become uncommon for females who marry into the Royal Family to use these titles, often opting for other names.

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Although Meghan is a Princess of the Royal Family, she can never technically be known as Princess Meghan due to a rule that reserves this only for those born into the Royal Family.

If Meghan were to receive the title of Duke of Sussex, she would instead be known as Princess Henry.

The same rule applies to Kate Middleton, who officially can’t be known as just Princess Kate, despite the use of this title by the media.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, she also received his title but chose not to use it.

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Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz, who goes by Princess Michael of Kent, is the only women who chose to use her official title.

She is known as Princess Michael of Kent after marrying Queen Elizabeth’s cousin in 1978.

Princess Michael faced criticism in 2017 when she wore a ‘Blackamoor’ brooch, which typically depicts an African or non-European male as a servant, during her first meeting with Meghan.

Prince Harry’s wife listed her occupation as “Princess of the United Kingdom” on a document for Sussex Royal, her former UK charity.

Despite never being known as Princess Meghan officially, her children Archie and Lilibet were given prince and princess titles earlier this year after much speculation.

According to the George V Convention, the grandchildren of the monarch are supposed to receive these titles.

This means that after the queen’s passing, Archie became a Prince.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were named as such at birth because Prince William is the future king.

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