Meghan Markle confession: Suits co-star’s cheeky nod to Prince Harry probe exposed

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Meghan Markle’s has been at the centre of speculation and scrutiny this week after her comments about “the corridors of power” were believed to have been a cryptic snub against the Royal Family. Her statement at a United Nations’ women’s leadership summit was believed to signify “punchier” remarks in the advent of her and Prince Harry’s decision to abandon their royal titles. In the past, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have remained tight-lipped about much of their private life, which has led to a number of leaks from those closest to her. But two of her best friends appeared to have learned lessons about keeping quiet when Australian TV hosts tried to probe them for an insight into the royal couple’s dating life.

‘Suits’ actors Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty skilfully dodged questions about Meghan and her then-new relationship with the Queen’s grandson in February 2017.

Shortly before hosts of TV show ‘The Project’ quizzed them about the future royal, they quipped that their onscreen characters regularly used the phrase “God damn!”.

After a compilation of clips aired, Sarah quickly fired back: “We are trying to create a drinking game for our fans, so there you go, you’re welcome.” 

As the audience and hosts’ laughter filled the room, the celebrities were asked if life was different since Meghan “decided to date a prince”. 

The interviewer added that the cast seemed to be a “great ensemble” and a “really close-knit team”, which explained “why the show is so successful”.

The host reiterated: “What changes when one of your colleagues decides to date a prince?”

Sarah paused for a moment, to potentially consider what they were allowed to say about Meghan’s dating life. 

But Rick quickly interjected with a joke: “I mean… I didn’t know that I was a prince!”  

The group chuckled loudly, as Sarah cuddled her co-star and quipped: “I’m so glad I’m on my honeymoon.”

Rick beamed as he playfully continued with the joke about being royalty: “And let me tell you something, if that’s how people feel about me… well!”

One host could be heard off-camera asking if she had adopted “any corgis” before another took over to probe further.

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They were asked: “I’ve got to say, is she doing anything weird like riding ponies or anything weird like that?”

The TV stars seemed keen to avoid disclosing anything, as Sarah joked: “I hope we get some good tea, some biscuits, maybe something like that, maybe we’ll get care packages!”

Their attempts to avoid the question and change the subject was recognised by another host who asked them to try to explain why ‘Suits’ was such a hit.

She revealed that she had been through a divorce and claimed that lawyers were “neither quirky, nor sexy” before she concluded: “Why do you think we love you so much?”

Rick tried to clarify that there was a difference between shows about “lawyers” and “law shows” before Sarah took over: “You see, that’s the key!

“Originally our show was a Wall Street show that they changed so they could have a case of the week and I think it’s the conflict in the law that drives us to the show.” 

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