Meghan Markle drops major baby Archie update in rare glimpse into ‘busy’ young royal

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s latest update regarding their son, Archie, has sent royal commentators into a spiral. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had sat down for an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard in honour of the UK’s Black History Month. Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed what the couple had mentioned about their one-year-old.

Ms Bowie told listeners: “They mentioned Archie upfront in the very first few snippets.

“Meghan said: ‘we are doing well, Archie’s so good, we’re very lucky with our little one’.

“‘He is just so busy, he’s all over the place, he keeps us on our toes, we are just so lucky.’

“That honestly sounds so sweet, it’s lovely to get an update about it.”

Ms Fiorito added: “They were doing this interview from their Montecito sitting room, which we’ve seen a couple of times.

“I love that their beagle, Guy, made an appearance.

“Honestly he was kind of a star of the whole thing. I loved it when he made a quick exit too.

“He jumped off of Harry’s lap and Harry’s face was like ‘oh god, is this going to mess up the Zoom?’. It was really funny.”

The Evening Standard chat was the couple’s first interview with a UK publication since moving.

They officially stepped down from their roles as senior working royals at the end of March this year.

Upon stepping down, the Sussexes blacklisted certain British tabloids, warning there would be a policy of “zero engagement”.

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Ms Bowie said: “I really am so fascinated by their selective strategy of choosing the publications that they talk to.

“At one point they even talked about how the Evening Standard has a very diverse readership and even a diverse newsroom.

“I hope that they start granting these interviews to papers more often.

“It was so fascinating to see them off-script.

“To hear them being drilled with questions they didn’t know were coming and answer then was really enlightening.”

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