Meghan Markle fans attacked for defending Duchess’s bizarre wedding claim

Meghan Markle: Experts discuss wedding claim

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Royal expert Chris Ship argued it was worth discussing whether Meghan Markle lied or misinformed the public when she claimed she and Prince Harry got married three days before the official wedding. While speaking on the Royal Rota with Lizzie Robinson, Mr Ship hit back at Meghan’s fans. Mr Ship argued she had not been clear and he and other royal experts were questioning what Meghan really meant with her claim.

This comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury claimed he married Meghan and Harry legally on the official celebration on Saturday.

Mr Ship said: “We have got the answers from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

“I was trying to explain to some people on Twitter, here is what Meghan Markle said and this is what the Archbishop of Canterbury said.

“Why wouldn’t you talk about this, it is there in black and white.

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“She said we got married three days before, whereas he said actually I married you on Saturday and if I signed a document I thought to be illegal I would have been committing a criminal offence.”

Mr Ship continued to defend the row surrounding Meghan’s claims after fans argued it was clear what the Duchess was saying.

He continued: “Then there is the other argument that everyone knew what Meghan meant.

“She didn’t actually mean that they got married, she meant that they had some private vows with Harry that meant a lot to her.

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“They ask why are you banging on about it because we all knew what she meant.

“I wonder, because I don’t think we did.

“We were all questioning it on the morning of the interview asking what did she mean by saying that.”

Ms Robinson highlighted why this topic proved so important to many royal fans.

She said: “People care about because in the context of the whole interview if there are bits that you are casting doubt on it automatically people are questioning other things.

“I think people felt very collectively invested in the wedding also.”

Mr Ship added: “Yes, if you were not being straight with the viewer on this issue, are we lead to questioning other statements during that interview.

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