Meghan Markle given opt-out of King Charles’ Coronation

Harry and Meghan to ‘keep mouths shut’ at coronation says expert

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Meghan Markle could have a “way out” of attending King Charles III’s coronation this May. The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry have been personas non grata with the Royal Family since stepping down in 2020, as they continue to share stories and fire shots at their UK family. Tensions are sky-high with the Sussexes after Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ hit the shelves, but the King is said to want his son to attend.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, has also warned there could be a “toxic atmosphere” if Harry attends.

“Because what he’s said since the Jubilee has actually been too horrible for words, and they’re all furious with him.

She then added that “he might do a quick there and back without Meghan”, and was then asked by TalkTV’s Mike Graham if the “way out” for Meghan attending the Coronation is Archie’s birthday.

The Sussexes’ eldest son was born in London in 2019 and will turn four years old around the time Charles is coronated King.

“They could say that she was staying at home for the birthday”, Angela added. “However, if anybody could make any judgement about Meghan, the chance of wearing a snazzy tiara would go down very well

“Because nobody’s quite so interested in them any more, but people feel that they are to be counted.

“So she’s there with a glittery tiara, I think she’d love it – never mind the kid’s birthday.”

It comes as sources said to be close to Harry and Meghan told the Mirror that the couple is still reluctant to attend Charles’ coronation without having a family meeting first.

However, a friend of Charles has told the Daily Beast he “simply won’t have the time” to sit down with Harry for a private summit before the coronation.

“Charles adores Harry and wants him to be there”, they said. “But he has a coronation to organise.”

Meanwhile, a friend of Prince William told the outlet that there is no chance the Duke of Cornwall will apologise to his brother.

“What should he apologize for?”, they said.


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Meanwhile, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield said in an interview with CB News that though Harry and Meghan are invited, the palace does not want them to become the centre of attention.

She said that the pair have been advised to speak of nothing but the weather, saying: “A source close to the Royal Family says that Harry and Meghan should be prepared to talk to senior royals about nothing but the weather, which we can all understand.

“Those two can’t keep their mouths shut. Loose lips sink ships.

“This was going to be a PR nightmare if King Charles did not invite Harry and Meghan to the Coronation.”

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